Measuring GNU/Linux

In 2010, Goo Research (now polled 1080 users and found 2.3% used GNU/Linux at home. Meanwhile StatCounter reported about 0.5% of page-views were done with GNU/Linux. That’s a big discrepancy“What operating systems do you have installed on your computers at home? (Sample size=1,080, multiple answer)” probably due to businesses using that other OS almost exclusively. Businesses are much more locked in than consumers. Still, either Japan has a lot of GNU/Linux geeks or some GNU/Linux machines are being sold retail there.

If one considers Android/Linux + desktop OS, StatCounter shows more than 8% of page-views come from Android/Linux these days.

See Windows 7 penetration into Japanese homes.

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2 Responses to Measuring GNU/Linux

  1. Mats Hagglund says:

    Looks like my previous claim Linux having 4-5% global marketshare in PC is very near the truth. It has likely doubled since 2007.

  2. dougman says:

    I will say that Linux use, across all markets combined is at best 80% of NET.

    If one would single out the desktop only, in the conventional sense of the word, as depicted and known since the 90’s era, then I would say Linux is used extensively at 20%, but I could be wrong.

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