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ChromeOS and GNU/Linux Still Growing In USA

According to StatCounter, page-views by ChromeOS grew slowly until last year and ramped up in the fourth quarter of 2013. Now they grow more slowly but still ChromeOS has taken a share similar to all the rest of GNU/Linux in … Continue reading

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Measuring GNU/Linux

In 2010, Goo Research (now NTT.com) polled 1080 users and found 2.3% used GNU/Linux at home. Meanwhile StatCounter reported about 0.5% of page-views were done with GNU/Linux. That’s a big discrepancy“What operating systems do you have installed on your computers … Continue reading

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Swiss Government Prodded To Consider Using More FLOSS

Governments are huge users of IT and probably the biggest customers of M$’s and “partners” stuff.“Edith Graf-Litscher, representative of the Sozialdemokratische Partei der Schweiz (SP) for the Canton of Thurgau, wants to know if the Federal government has concerns weighing … Continue reading

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