Russia Finally Moving To */Linux

Several years ago the Russian government announced a plan to move to GNU/Linux.“Russia’s Industry and Trade Ministry plans to replace US microchips Intel and AMD, used in government’s computers, with domestically-produced micro processor Baikal in a project worth dozens of millions of dollars

The Baikal chips will be installed on computers of government bodies and in state-run firms, which purchase some 700,000 personal computers annually worth $500 million and 300,000 servers worth $800 million.”
Years later we’ve seen little progress but now there’s news that Russia will swap Intel/AMD CPUs for their own design of modern ARMed CPUs. These will, of course, run some */Linux operating system. At the rate the government replaces PCs this changeover could take years or, if they accelerate the change, just a year or two. I expect countries like China and India have the will and ability to make such changes. This is a clever move because the savings on hardware could more or less pay for the cost of changing software. The move to */Linux accelerates.

See Russia wants to replace US computer chips with local processors.

See also, Russian Government will soon utilize the Baikal Processor based on Homegrown ARM Design – Intel and AMD x86 Processors to be phased out

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  1. kurkosdr says:

    “Russia will swap Intel/AMD CPUs for their own design of modern ARMed CPUs. These will, of course, run some */Linux operating system”

    A correct assumption, since, besides BSD, there isn’t much else to run on desktops/nettops with ARM CPUs. Personally, I think MS is doing a mistake by not releasing a copy of Windows On ARM that you can buy and install in a “MiniPC” (aka a nettop with an ARM CPU). They can call it Windows Nettop (ala Windows Phone) if they worry about people being confused about compatibility with x86 software.


    In Soviet Russia, upgrades break YOU!

    (sorry, couldn’t help it, I ‘ll show myself out)

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