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I hate to blame a dead victim, but if this young lady had time to stop her vehicle and address the ducks, “A woman who triggered a deadly collision near Montreal while helping a family of ducks cross the road … Continue reading

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Google Doing Good

Google has long promised to “do no evil”. They’ve done better than that.“Google announced a $50 million initiative to teach young girls how to code, Google has promised to do all it can to recruit more women into Silicon Valley. … Continue reading

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India’s Crusher For Wintel Grinds Inexorably Onward

Several states of India are moving their governments rapidly to FLOSS in response to XP and just because it’s the right way to do IT. Kerala has recently published a manual. Here’s an excerpt: “1. Equip internal IT teams to … Continue reading

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SCOTUS Wallops Software Patents, Again

SCOTUS again reminds anyone who will listen, that merely doing something via computer is not a patentable invention.“The method claims, which merely require generic computer implementation, fail to transform that abstract idea into a patent-eligible invention.” Since few if any … Continue reading

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LibreOffice 4.2.5 Emerges

“LibreOffice 4.2.5, as well as LibreOffice 4.1.6, have been developed by over 800 contributors, who have joined the project since the launch in late September 2010 (source: http://www.ohloh.net). “This is a wonderful achievement”, said Thorsten Behrens, Chairman of The Document … Continue reading

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