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M$ Drives Away Another Big Customer

I remember being driven away by M$’s crapware which didn’t work for me and my students. Now,“The German city of Leipzig is switching to using open source suites of office productivity tools: Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice. It expects that in … Continue reading

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Legacy PCs Being Squeezed Out By Smartphones

I think IDC has finally accepted reality, that smartphones are displacing the legacy PC for much of IT. “The PC will be the new accessory to mobile as smartphones become the first and primary computing device for many. IDC expects … Continue reading

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Yes, Virginia, Smartphones Are Real PCs

One line the trolls use to try to restrain or to demean the idea of the smartphone and other small cheap computers being the “new PC” is that to do real work one needs a hair-drying big expensive piece of … Continue reading

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Beast and This Blog Save the Day

Yesterday, I was downstairs working at Beast in my basement den, reading and writing for this blog. When I was done, I found a huge puddle in the middle of the basement floor. The sump hose-clamp had come loose and … Continue reading

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I was watching an issue of CNN’s “Forensic Files” early this morning when I was surprised to see GIMP on TV. A murder had been committed and the local anthropologist lacked software to compare a skull with a portrait to … Continue reading

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