Photovoltaic Panels Reach New Low Price

In emerging markets like Africa, IT is sometimes available before electrical utilities. In such cases, silicon solar panels serve to run battery-chargers to keep the small cheap computers, lamps and networking devices running. Only a year ago, prices were ~$1 per watt. Lately, prices have reached as low as $0.40 per watt. Here’s an example of an advertised price of $0.54 per watt. A national or local government can readily import container-loads of these panels and distribute them to communities at far lower cost than running transmission lines all over. Combined with small cheap computers and wireless networking, this makes IT affordable almost everywhere. The next billion users of IT are queued up and free to choose other than Wintel for their IT because electrical power, the last barrier to entry has been breeched.

See also, an example of communities being installed of solar power in schools and clinics:
and another

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