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Android/Linux Leaving That Other OS Behind In Emerging Markets

The next billion users are skipping Wintel along with all the costs and burdens of the monopoly. Bill Gates’ worst fears are becoming reality. Today, the smartphone running Android/Linux is freeing ordinary people from M$’s monopoly. While M$ took years … Continue reading

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Government of China Bursts M$’s Patent-bubble

M$ has been taxing Android/Linux distributors by threatening legal suits over software patents. “A list of hundreds of patents that Microsoft believes entitle it to royalties over Android phones, and perhaps smartphones in general, has been published on a Chinese … Continue reading

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Photovoltaic Panels Reach New Low Price

In emerging markets like Africa, IT is sometimes available before electrical utilities. In such cases, silicon solar panels serve to run battery-chargers to keep the small cheap computers, lamps and networking devices running. Only a year ago, prices were ~$1 … Continue reading

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