Wrong Title, But Still A Great Conversation

A non-techy interviewed Linus Torvalds and got the title wrong but the substance right. “Me trying to make a business around Linux would have been a total disaster. It would have made it impossible to get the kind of community around Linux that we have, and that was so instrumental in making Linux what it is today.” Of course Linux isn’t an operating system, just the commonly used name for GNU/Linux. The GNU system existed before Linus conceived the Linux project. TFA goes on to mention that Linux is in Android/Linux… How an OS can be inside of an OS is getting in pretty deep. In a way that’s true because Android is mostly a virtual machine running on the Linux kernel. Of course Linus did release a working OS with first Minix and later GNU infrastructure so it could be said he released the first distro of GNU/Linux but still…

I know that’s picky, but techies have to be picky. Machines just don’t like random technology. The takeaway is that while the non-techies don’t get the details they can still appreciate that */Linux is everywhere.

See A Conversation With Linus Torvalds, Who Built The World's Most Robust Operating System And Gave It Away For Free.

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