Yipee! The Garden Is “In”!

I’ve been working at it for a month but this morning I finished planting the last seeds for the garden, the quick-growing stuff like radishes and spinach and a few others. I spent a lot of time on corn and peas but also dodging heat/rain/cold… It’s been a terribly variable month. May usually is like a mild summer-season with rarely any heat or rain. Now to catch up with the weeds… They’ve been happily growing for a month and you can tell how long ago I planted a section by how tall the weeds are. Fortunately germination was uniform so I can actually see the good stuff. Today, I will try to plant my hedge of caragana. 500 seeds, one per foot… Luckily the day is forecast as sunny but not hot so I should be done one side by noon and I can do the other side in the afternoon. I’m also filling in some gaps in another hedge and weeding that as I go. Things are looking up.

Corn, peas, onions planted from seedlings, and broccoli planted from seedlings are all doing beautifully with nearly 100% survival. Saskatoon and grape nursery stock are looking good and about half the raspberry nursery stock are looking good. In another week, I should know whether the garden is thriving or not. At the moment I would bet nothing but a hail-storm would mess this up. I don’t have any distractions except the lawn and its weeds and the mushrooms in the forest and weekends target-shooting. Life is hectic when you’re retired. 😉

One different strategy from previous gardens… I’m growing two flats of Marigolds to produce seed. I should be able to have thousands of the little darlings growing around the yard next year at the current rate of seed-production. Each plant produces hundreds of seeds and I have a hundred plants. If I plant the early seeds, and they are fruitful and multiply, I could have a yard full of the darlings by broadcast next year, my own weeds… I could have three generations going by the fall. I can plant the overflow in several other flats and the garden where harvests have gone on and pretty soon Marigolds will take over the Earth. Don’t you just love geometric growth when it’s this pretty?

UPDATE I’m 80% done planting a hedge of caragana on two sides of the property. It’s taken a lot longer than I expected because I met some weeds along the way. Of course, quack grass is a recurring nightmare but I’ve pretty well controlled it by roto-tilling invaders from the neighbours but I have to dig out the last outposts before planting the hedge. I’ve planted about 400 seeds… 100 to go… In a few years I will have a sincere yard in which yellow birds like to live.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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