GNU/Linux: A Weekend Around the World

Continent Saturday (%) Sunday (%) M-F (%)
Africa 1.11 1.25 1.26
Asia 0.69 0.75 0.75
Europe 2.25 2.15 2.25
North America 2.57 2.04 1.95
South America 1.46 1.43 1.71
Oceania 0.94 0.92 0.91
Global 1.71 1.61 1.61

Besides the obvious variation in the magnitude of GNU/Linux’s share of page-views on the weekend, Africa and North America have a slight increase in use over the weekend compared to the weekdays while South America actually has a definite decrease in use over the weekend. I think that reflects the role of government in South America to promote GNU/Linux. Several Asian countries promote GNU/Linux but somewhat unsuccessfully. What is clear is that GNU/Linux is not a ~1% OS except in Asia and Oceania. The USA, where most of my trolls live, actually is doing quite well (1.96% on Saturday and 1.93% on Sunday) but not as well as Canada which was at 7.46% on Saturday and 3.14% on Sunday.

The next billion or so users of IT will develop in Asia and Africa so there is a lot of work to be done. India has about 1.8% weekdays and 1.4% on weekends. Not too shabby, but China is still depending on XP a lot… showing 0.35% GNU/Linux any day of the week… I expect huge growth in GNU/Linux in China as XP is finally killed. China does not want to throw more money at M$. In Africa and the world, Ethiopia is loving GNU/Linux where it has been the top OS for the last five days and reached 53% on Sunday. Way to go! If Ethiopia can do it, so can the rest of Africa.

See Top 7 Desktop OSs in North America from 1 Mar to 26 May 2014.

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3 Responses to GNU/Linux: A Weekend Around the World

  1. Mats Hagglund says:

    Those statistics might be infected by too many commercial, pay-per-click and other “buying something” aspect. Linux-users are also different. They don’t buy software so much but at the same time they might be interesting in IT above average (same with fans of Apple).
    Besides i’m not so sure is StatCounter so much keen on knowing real marketshare of pc. Likely more focusing potential buyers.

  2. dougman wrote, “The glory days of “Start Me Up” is over.”

    Oh yeah… I’ve seen some ads from M$ and Apple and Samsung lately on TV and the mighty have fallen. There’s one ad of “creatives” going to work and I can’t even make out the words of the song, “… a big, big love”. Sometimes I can’t even figure out what they’re selling. “I want to see you be brave” does nothing for me. Do you have to be brave to buy M$’s crap? I thought the requirements were to be ignorant or to have no choice at all… Chuckle. M$’s “technological evangelization” was supposed to be successful when the competing technology was the butt of jokes. Now it’s M$’s turn in the mass media and even their own ads provoke derision. I hope the rotting corpse of this dinosaur doesn’t stink up the place too much.

  3. dougman says:

    Windows is the loser, Linux is the winner.

    No one has rushed out and bought multiple copies of WIndows 8, as was done when Win95 hit the street. The glory days of “Start Me Up” is over.

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