Guilt is a key motivator of humans. Guilty humans will go to great lengths either to deny error or to compensate for error.

I’ve been feeling guilty all day today. I got out in the garden early to plant stuff before it became hot. The first thing I saw was a pair of tree swallows trying in vain to get into the two wren-houses I built for my garden. The hole was too small and the bird could only get the head inside. In the afternoon after planting half my shrubs I decided it was too hot to do anything and retired to the cool of the house. That only made me feel more guilty… So, finally, I jumped up and selected material to make a proper tree swallow house. It’s much bigger than the wren-house because the swallows are bigger and they have lots of nestlings. I made a 1.5″ hole this time and used heavier materials because the house would be out in the open rather than close in to my garden. I welded some t-bars together to make a post and planted the thing at the far end of one of the berms, so the swallows would have a lot of height for their “dive”, almost 10 feet. I don’t need to worry about the young wandering around on the lawn demanding to be fed. The swallows fly and never return to the nest. They move to where there are more bugs. They are beautiful birds, eh?

UPDATE Here is a picture of one of my tree swallows sitting on an old sunflower stalk. They are flitting around picking up straws and things to line the nest but also picking off the odd bug.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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3 Responses to Guilt

  1. pogson says:

    Today the swallows are fighting over the new house. My guilt is abating except that demand still exceeds supply. Will take pictures as soon as things settle down. I went out to mow some weeds at the edges of the lawn and they seemed to take no notice. One bird is using a sunflower stalk from last year as a lookout. They also perch on the sloping roof. The granddaughter will be pleased. She hates flies and these tenants eat a lot and feed them to a bunch of nestlings.

  2. pogson says:

    That’s a good idea but I haven’t scrapped a working PC in a decade. Peviously we converted them into various servers. We have four ATX cases in use and they will probably last several years or more.

  3. dougman says:

    Just use a bunch of retired desktop computers instead of tossing in the dump. That’s what a buddy of mine did, and the birds loved them.

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