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Resume Gardening

I started planting two weeks ago but a week of cold/rain, a warm space and another couple of days of rain has delayed things. I have corn/peas planted. My shrubs are at the Post Office. The weather should be good … Continue reading

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M$ Callously Neglects Security Of Its Users

The Good Old Days when M$ could ship crapware with no security at all are apparently returning in M$’s mind…“Microsoft has failed to deliver a fix for a remotely exploitable flaw in Internet Explorer 8, despite being informed of the … Continue reading

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The War Between M$ And OEMs Heats Up

I wrote earlier about M$’s tablet. It’s bigger than I thought. Not only is M$ losing money on its tablet and being ignored by consumers.“the Surface Pro 3 delivers no killer punch to either Cupertino or Mountain View.Worse, it’s a … Continue reading

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