Tablet PC Market Has Matured

The tablet PC was a technology waiting to happen a few years ago. It took off in the market and for a while suppliers and retailers could barely keep up with the demand.“tablet PC display shipments are expected to reach 342M in 2014” According to DisplaySearch, we are now in a mature phase where a multi-year rise in production has levelled off and supply has met demand. From now on, the market should grow at more easily managed rates with lots of upside with emerging markets in Africa, Asia and South America.

The market is healthy with products in every price-range and a multitude of suppliers making enough money to continue. While several large companies have the lion’s share of the business, there is lots of business for the smaller operators. China is the boiler-factory but tablets are produced in many other countries because the technology is widely available and so is software. This is how the PC market should have been all along if it weren’t for M$’s bullying.

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  1. Mats Hagglund says:

    Mature market means: Africa, Asia and Latin America growth (fast in Africa) but no growth at all in Europe and hardly not much in North America. Very bad news for Apple and M$ – Linux white box tablets will punish both them hard.

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