Major Movement For GNU/Linux On Desktops In Canada

Previously, I reported that there was a breakout for GNU/Linux on desktops in Canada, according to StatCounter. That continues. From the chart, one can see a gradual rise from ~1% until school was let out at many Canadian universities. Has GNU/Linux gained mindshare amongst students? Is there some kind of summer research project going on? Is some big university rolling out GNU/Linux clients? I have not been able to find any reports on such activity but I will keep hunting.

Just on timing, one can see the big spikes occurred on Friday and Saturday, 9 and 17 May. The ramp up started the last week of April. That was exam-time when I was a student. Is it a roll-out? Is it students relieving stress on GNU/Linux? I need to know.

Looking around the web, I find several universities and colleges use GNU/Linux widely. Has the institutional use spread to students during academic breaks?University of Toronto has engineering clusters with remote and local access.
They also have enough students walking around with GNU/Linux computers that they provide assistance with printing just as they do for those other OS, and they don’t have a “Take me to that other OS driver downloads” thing that’s for experts only with GNU/Linux…
Meanwhile over at University of British Columbia, “UBC IT does not provide support for Linux setup/installation.” appears everywhere advice is dished out for GNU/Linux users connecting to the network. They seem to grudgingly accept GNU/Linux because various departments use it but the head guy of IT is busy throwing money at M$ and rolling out VDI for that other OS.
Nearby SFU has mirrors for several distros… UBC has a couple, too.
My own alma mater has only a few percent GNU/Linux desktops in the students’ labs although Computer Science has quite a few servers and desktops. Sad.

What was that argument the trolls used to dish out? That no one bothers to provide applications for GNU/Linux because there are too few out there??? Does this mean that’s no longer true? Somewhere in Canada, Freedom has arrived on PCs. It will be a great day when we figure out where that is. It’s inevitable but it is a sad thing that it took this long.

See StatCounter: Top 7 Desktop OSs in Canada from 1 Apr to 17 May 2014.

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