The Fate Of GNU/Linux In India

While governments and schools in India appear to be taking advantage of GNU/Linux, the growth of GNU/Linux as estimated by StatCounter is glacial.“The controversial Hindu nationalist leader Narendra Modi has won a historic landslide election victory in India, the world’s largest democracy.
With most of the 550m-plus votes counted, Modi’s Bharatiya Janata party (BJP) appeared to have far exceeded all predictions and had close to an outright majority of the 543 elected seats in India’s lower house. With its allies’ seats included, the BJP appeared set to hold more than 330.”
The recent election seems to be a radical change in the Indian government. From a socialist/inclusive party, India is moving to the BJP, a much more conservative organization possibly favouring business and wealthier citizens. The BJP campaigned to eliminate corruption and to stimulate economic growth. I hope they see FLOSS and GNU/Linux as good tools to do that.

The BJP did use IT effectively in the State of Gujarat and in the election campaign.“Latest GNU GPLlicensed Operating System(Ubuntu 11.10 or equivalent) However GIL/SSAM,Education Department reserves the right to place the order for anyone of the Linux Pre‐loaded OS depending upon the SSAM,education department’ choice. The successful bidder should agree to supply whichever the Linux OS ordered by SSAM, education department.” They did not hesitate to specify GNU/Linux for hundreds of PCs for education, although the tender-document was published from that other OS…

An example of the e-government projects in Gujarat included a huge reduction in paperwork, faster service to citizens and using 1/3 the labour by using GNU/Linux servers to provide a web-application.

See SWARNIM-RTO: A New Service Paradigm An e-Governance Project of the Govt. of Gujarat. They even distributed the report under a Creative Common License – Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic. Refreshing, isn’t it?

I expect the slope of the graph to increase sooner, rather than later.
See Narendra Modi and BJP sweep to power in Indian election.

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4 Responses to The Fate Of GNU/Linux In India

  1. ram wrote, “If he really attacks corruption”.

    Many politicians make promises they don’t keep but he had a decent record in his previous gig. Let’s hope his bodyguards can keep him alive. The other party was in power a very long time so the government of India is likely full of party hacks and “friends”. A purge might be a good start. It would be great fun if M$ were caught recruiting new insurgents after the old ones get canned.

  2. ram says:

    If he really attacks corruption he’ll severely damage Microsoft’s main “marketing” tactic. Linux and BSD will take off.

  3. Welcome, and thanks for the good news. Bus stops were my best friends when I was young.

  4. mzs says:

    I work in Bangalore, and for the first time I have come across Dell Ubuntu advertisements on bus stops.. late but better than never. 🙂

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