XP To GNU/Linux Migration Pushed To The Public On TV In China

Hear that? It’s happening. One after another national governments are recommending FLOSS for IT.“China’s Ministry of Industry and Information of Technology (MIIT) urged Windows XP users in China to switch to domestically made computer operating systems, China Central Television (CCTV) reported on Saturday.” Wintel’s mindshare is vanishing like the morning dew.

Countries that have made a move towards FLOSS and GNU/Linux are many. This is happening whether or not sycophants of M$ say GNU/Linux won’t work. This is happening because GNU/Linux works for real people doing real things. The difference is that M$ doesn’t get to bundle its OS with everything and there are alternatives to Intel. Further, the world is sick and tired of the weakness of that other OS.

Country Change
Brazil moved government to GNU/Linux (2005), taxed imports to stimulate local production
Russia Putin signed order to migrate the government by 2015
India Moved schools and governments to GNU/Linux over a period of years
China recommend migrating from XP to GNU/Linux (2014)
Ethiopia Wide use of GNU/Linux in schools
Germany Coalition government includes policy to prefer FLOSS (2013)
France, Spain, and Italy prefer FLOSS (2013)
Uruguay using GNU/Linux in school (2013)
Malaysia using GNU/Linux in government (2013)

See XP users urged to switch allegiance to Linux .

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