Found a StatCounter Site

I’ve been using StatCounter for a while to figure out how GNU/Linux is doing around the world. Today, I was visting the government of Manitoba’s website and checked the source code. To my surprise, there is a StatCounter script in the bottom of the page…

See Big Game Hunting – Summary of Resident Big Game Licence Sales .

Now, I wonder, can Google find others?

Yes, 739K results, but not all our StatCounter sites. Many are grumbling about StatCounter…

Here are some examples:

OK, so they’re not all “partners” of M$…

GNU/Linux is still doing well in Ethiopia and that other OS is struggling to remain relevant.
See StatCounter

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  1. Ram wrote, “If you compile it, say, with an Intel compiler then you get Intel/Linux.”

    GNU supplied much more than the building tools, like system utilities and bootloader and a bunch of user-applications. Intel just supplied the building-tools. M$ kept them out of the software game a long time to stifle competition.

    “On August 2. 1995. in a meeting of Intel and Microsoft executives, Bill Gates told Intel CEO Andy Grove to shut down the Intel Architecture Labs. Gates didn’t want IAL’s 750 engineers interfering with his plans for domination of the PC industry. Gates made vague threats about support for other platforms and on the same day he announced a major program to support Digital Equipment’s Alpha microprocessor, an Intel competitor. Gates was livid about IAL’s investments in the Internet and wanted them stopped. All of this was said in the presence of executives from both companies.”

    see Exhibit 280 in US DOJ v M$

  2. oiaohm says:

    ram your define include Android since the Android kernel is build with a GNU complier suite. Yes your define sound like bugzilla but it does not. GCC/Linux is the bugzilla usage for current GNU complier suite built kernels. Exactly why this at some point of history there have been more than 1 GNU complier in existence.

    EGCS and GCC both existed at the same time and at one point both hosted at So GNU/Linux is meaningless for defining complier building kernel to Linux kernel developers. GNU is taken to be a user-space define not a complier define.

  3. ram says:

    It was my understanding that GNU/Linux refers to the Linux kernel having been compiled with the GNU compiler suite. If you compile it, say, with an Intel compiler then you get Intel/Linux.

  4. oiaohm says:
    Exactly how is Stallman Linux. Stallman supports the idea of a GNU OS. This happens to be not a Linux Kernel but Hurd.
    big linux guru stallman
    wolfgang pardon. This is a very big mistake. Stallman is not a Linux Guru. Stallman is a FOSS/GNU Guru. There is important differences.
    Even at the end of this he says its a big step forwards.

    Sorry wolfgang is a common mistake to miss the fact their is such a item as GNU OS and that is not Linux. Stallman supports a OS that is not Linux. Just happens to talk about Linux because Linux desktop and server is the biggest end user of the project at the moment. Also talking about android is because it effects his user base in the same way you sometimes hear Microsoft talking about Android. Anything coming from a Microsoft person about Android you would take with a grain of salt right?? Stallman is no different here.

    This is why Stallman comments attempt to bait Linux people by most Trolls don’t work. Stallman is not a Linux guru due different goals. Yes Stallman does not agree with the monolithic kernel idea. Linux world has a lot of true Linux gurus no need to give the title to one who is not.

    Linux Foundation counts Android as Linux. Stallman more often use GNU/Linux not Linux due to the broad meaning of Linux including platforms like Android and network router OS solutions that don’t use GNU parts. Also GNU/Linux is referring to a client base for Stallman group.

    There are many groups working around the Linux world. Some you would say are highly linked to Linux like Linux kernel developers. But people working at GNU, LIbreoffice, Apache, KDE, Gnome… are normally not Linux gurus but gurus for their particular solutions. Yes Stallman is a GNU guru even worse he is “Saint IGNUcius”

    Church of Emacs: There is no system but GNU, and Linux is one of its kernels.

    So how is Stallman a Linux Guru when that what he is. GNU Guru, Saint IGNUcius are correct titles for Stallman. Stallman battles for the dominance of GNU not the dominance of Linux.

  5. dougman says:

    Ballmer said that Linux is used on 60% of servers worldwide back in 2008.

    The Postdoc at Stanford is interesting, wonder if the even teach stoicism anymore.

  6. wolfgang says:

    …60% using linux…

    big linux guru stallman disagree about this. see

    stallman super kook! better drum him out of corps soon.

  7. Mats Hagglund says:

    There is not much trust on those figures of market share given by StatsCounter and Net Application in a world where over 60% of new devices using Linux as OS.

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