White-box Tablet Shipments Approach 100 Million Per Annum

Those small cheap computers are keeping the big guys honest.“There were 20.4 million white-box tablets shipped globally in the first quarter of 2014, decreasing by 27.4% on quarter and by 2.4% on year, according to Digitimes Research. … Of the shipments, 7-inch models accounted for 70.5%, 7.85/7.9-inch ones 21.3%, 8- to 9-inch ones 4.2%, above 9- to 10-inch 2.9%, above 10-inch 1.1%.” This is not like Wintel where a couple of suppliers controlled everything about IT for decades, and charged way more than market-price. Wintel kept demanding OEMs ship bigger and more powerful units. Now the world is demanding and getting what it wants, tons of small cheap computers. In fact, the small guys and their small cheap computers are eating the big guys’ lunches. At the same time, everyone is making some money and the consumer benefits in a big way. We will never see another client OS monopoly in IT again.

See Global white-box tablet shipments down in 1Q14.

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