Obama’s Words and Actions

I am not a voter in USA. It’s just that my server is there… Still, it’s hard to avoid the destruction wrought by Hurricane Obama:“the true patent approval rates have continued to go up. Basically, in 2013, the true allowance rate for patent applications was 92% (much higher than the USPTO’s officially reported number of 54%). The discrepancy is because the USPTO’s number counts "rejections" for patents as if the patent was truly rejected, and doesn’t look at how many patents actually make it through the full process. Thus, the fact that patent applicants can keep trying and trying until they get approved is massively hidden by the USPTO’s bogus number.”

  • Obama says the right things to get elected but then delivers a substandard healthcare reform act. It’s not his fault alone, the Republicans and many citizens just cannot see the light, that a single-payer healthcare system works by eliminating so much waste/duplication. Fallout includes failure of Healthcare.gov to work on time and two-year waiting lines at VA hospitals. If healthcare were $free per use by all US citizens, veterans could go where service was available instead of relying on an underfunded monopoly.
  • Obama talks about boosting the middle class but then pours out millions of junk patents including software patents from USPTO so that non-practising patent-trolls can involve productive corporations in endless litigation and concerns about being sued instead of hiring people and getting the job done. The safest way to make money in USA is to invest in foreign corporations working in markets freed from USPTO.
  • Obama talks about deposing the criminal against humanity, Assad, in Syria, and does nothing to prevent the loss of Homs and Allepo to indiscriminate bombing of civilians by chemical and explosive munitions of all kinds. It would have been a modest cost to shut down Assad’s air-power and properly arm the free Syrians but instead we now have Crimea usurped by Putin and Ukraine to follow. Obama knows history but refuses to learn that one doesn’t gain anything by negotiating with tyrants. Force is all they understand. Now, Qatr and Saudi Arabia see Obama as a traitor and unreliable partner and Israel figures they can keep Palestine forever. Way to go, Obama.
  • Obama talks about dealing harshly with “terrorists” but refuses to call Putin’s infiltrators, Boko Haram (murdering bastard scum bandits in Nigeria), and the Israeli government terrorists for all doing the same things: targeting innocent civilians to gain/hold power. The whole world is watching, Obama, and they see you have no clothes.

I’m not angry, really. I’m just disgusted. It is the duty of all humans who have the ability to help the weak and disenfranchised. That’s what humanity is. For more than a decade USA has been terrorizing civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq and actually empowering the terrorists they entered those countries to combat. Every civilian they killed spawned hundreds of recruits to Al Qaida and the Taliban. The thing they sought to contain and extinguish is now more powerful than ever and spreading rapidly. That’s disgusting. Thanks, Obama. You promised to end the stupidity but still prolong it. The troops you tie up in Afghanistan for no purpose could be used in Ukraine to restore order and to keep Putin at bay but, no, you keep messing things up with much help from the Republicans. Rather than supporting the right of Palestinians to claim statehood, you continue to sponsor the illegal occupation by Israel and keep Palestinians imprisoned in refugee camps for generations, spawning counter-terrorism. I guess USAians are getting the government they deserve. Nothing else makes sense of this mess.

See Yes, President Obama's Patent Office Started Approving Basically All Patent Applications Again.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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  1. kurkosdr says:

    They are not Obama’s actions, they are the actions of the bankers who fund Obama’s campaigns and give him cheap loans.


    Oh, and to avoid any misunderstanding, it’s the same deal in all countries.

    “Representative democracy” sucks, direct democracy is the way to go. Referendums for everything! Open source OSes and open source hardware could provide the basis for voting machines to be set up on every neighbourhood (they must be open source in order to ensure transparency). Yet this is the only thing there is no project for (if you know about one Pogson, post link). The community will engage in all kinds of projects for which proprietary corporations have a better solution, and they don’t have a project for the only thing it could be roaring success for open source.

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