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Zombie Law Suit, Oracle v. Google, Refuses To Die

Just when you thought copyright on APIs was dead, a looney-toons court raises it from the grave.“The heart of the appeal was whether Oracle can claim a copyright on Java APIs and, if so, whether Google infringed that copyright. According … Continue reading

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Canada Breaks Out Of The 1 Percent Club

For a long time, I have been disappointed that my country, Canada, has lagged behind USA/Europe in page-views of GNU/Linux on StatCounter. That’s no longer the case. Yesterday, GNU/Linux had a share over 5% having risen steadily for about two … Continue reading

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Guy Installs A Bunch Of Distros, Including Debian GNU/Linux And Everything Works

Every now and then I still read on the web that hardware compatibility is a problem for GNU/Linux. It isn’t. The Linux kernel knows just about every piece of hardware consumers are to find on retail shelves.“When I decided to … Continue reading

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