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Vietnam Doubles Usage Of GNU/Linux In 2014

Perhaps this is the year of the GNU/Linux desktop in Vietnam. According to Statcounter, the page-views from GNU/Linux are rolling in. It’s still just a blip, but a couple of years ago it was much lower than that. A year … Continue reading

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Sam Varghese Rants On GNOME; So Do I

Change for the sake of change has fired up Sam again…“The GNOME project is almost 17 years old. When will we see some signs of maturity, some signs of stability? It shows that the people at GNOME just want change. … Continue reading

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You Can Argue About The Data But Not The Facts – China

There’s no denying China is huge. You can argue about how large, but the fact remains that China’s population and rapid adoption of IT now make it one of the hottest markets on a global scale. Combine that with the … Continue reading

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