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Pride and Prejudice: Smartphones

I laugh when trolls who come here seriously claim, “You get what you pay for”, implying that FLOSS is a broken model and that PCs running FLOSS are somehow second rate.“Android will undoubtedly remain the clear market leader among smartphone … Continue reading

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Death (?) And Rebirth!

Miracles do happen. Thanks to FLOSS licences they are almost a regular occurence. Recently, TrueCrypt had some kind of meltdown and emitted a bunch of messages about security problems.“This is not a fork (yet), we just coordinate, a fork will … Continue reading

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Wintel Is French Toast

I love French toast. So tasty! So nutritious! So sinful! Here we have another sort of French toast. In the past few weeks, France has made a huge move in page-views by GNU/Linux according to StatCounter. Curiously, similar moves have … Continue reading

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Locating MH370

The world has been struggling with the location of MH370 for months. Lately, it has become common to question even the rough location of the wreck“the model they created showing arcs and Doppler readings was rigorously tested, initially on other … Continue reading

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A Tipping Point or just a Disturbance In The Force That Is GNU/Linux On The Desktop?

Many years ago in a galaxy far away, I remember watching the first Star Wars movie and one of the things I remember is that the gurus could sense a disturbance in the “Force”. Is that what StatCounter is seeing … Continue reading

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GNU/Linux: A Weekend Around the World

Continent Saturday (%) Sunday (%) M-F (%) Africa 1.11 1.25 1.26 Asia 0.69 0.75 0.75 Europe 2.25 2.15 2.25 North America 2.57 2.04 1.95 South America 1.46 1.43 1.71 Oceania 0.94 0.92 0.91 Global 1.71 1.61 1.61 Besides the obvious … Continue reading

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Venezuela Rebuilds The Desktop Amid The Chaos

Politics be damned. This weekend, GNU/Linux grew dramatically in Venezuela, according to StatCounter. Thank you, “7” and “8” for staying home. The last few weeks has seen major events that pushed the global share from ~1% to near 2%.

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Onwards And Upwards, GNU/Linux Desktops In Canada

While I take webstats with a grain of salt, they do indicate something is happening in Canada:I still don’t know what it is but the rate of change and magnitude is exciting. I’m thinking this could be a big rollout … Continue reading

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OMG! GNU/Linux Overtakes “7” As Top Desktop OS in Ethiopia

I just love statistics, even when they stretch credulity. Friends of M$ have been stretching them for years telling us that GNU/Linux was an OS for the 1% of us who be geeks… No longer. StatCounter reports that in the … Continue reading

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In the UK, The National ICT Category Management Programme (NICTMP) is intended to guide local governments towards better IT, including using FLOSS. a transformed market enabled through disruptive innovation to deliver the next generation of digital public services through open … Continue reading

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Guilt is a key motivator of humans. Guilty humans will go to great lengths either to deny error or to compensate for error. I’ve been feeling guilty all day today. I got out in the garden early to plant stuff … Continue reading

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Resume Gardening

I started planting two weeks ago but a week of cold/rain, a warm space and another couple of days of rain has delayed things. I have corn/peas planted. My shrubs are at the Post Office. The weather should be good … Continue reading

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