Health Works With FLOSS

Repeatedly we see examples of FLOSS working for real people in real IT“Using free and open source is the only way to correctly exchange data in medical database systems, Rzepka says. It is much easier to implement, improve, build and adapt solutions by using this type of solutions. Proprietary systems require expensive licences, yet make it impossible to really understand how information is exchanged, forcing researchers to rely on inefficient data exports.” while naysayers continue to claim FLOSS is seriously flawed and doesn’t work. That’s an unsupportable position. FLOSS works. The world can and does make its own software and it doesn’t need that other OS or its “partners” to be involved or to dictate terms.

See Open source core of Warsaw hospital e-health system.

There are reasons FLOSS works in health. There’s no lower-cost, no more reliable and no more flexible model for software in IT.“Spain’s largest hospital chain, Quirón, will be piloting a portal based on the Openstack open source cloud computing solution, to provide patients with access to their radiology data. The pilot is one part of a three-year research project called Coco Cloud, which in 2013 received a 2.8 million euro grant from the European Commission’s FP7 funding programme. Some of the requirements for the secure cloud-computing environment will be formulated by Italy’s governmental ICT resource centre, the Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale (AGID).”
Any time some corporation tells you what you can’t do with hardware you own, there’s a problem, reduced efficiency. FLOSS does away with that problem by definition and by using open standards eliminates most other friction in the system. What’s left is IT running smoothly getting the job done.

See Spanish hospitals test open source data portal.

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  1. dougman wrote of IT people, “If they were smart enough to use Linux, they would have more free time.”

    How true. It’s so easy to maintain GNU/Linux compared to something you can’t examine, modify or distribute… Just trying to comply with the EULA is a ton more work. Where I last worked, I didn’t have key-access to all the rooms so I had to take time to visit every room during office hours to record the “sticker” code. There were many that had no sticker left. I converted them to GNU/Linux and people liked their “new PCs” so much we converted the lot and my workload decreased dramatically. No more re-imaging. No more malware. No more Patch Tuesdays. No more re-re-reboots. Really, running that other OS on client or server makes IT people slaves to M$, required by the EULA to do all kinds of extra/useless things that should not be a part of IT in the normal course. One of the last units I converted had the nerve to reboot in the middle of my lecture. It gave me 15 minutes of warning but my time ran out. I was using it as a thin client at the time… What use is such software in the real world? None!

  2. dougman says:

    Now I understand, why the trolls that come here are all so mean – spirited.

    If they were smart enough to use Linux, they would have more free time.

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