Forbes Recommends GNU/Linux

Pigs do fly occasionally, like when Forbes, a seedy old business-magazine, recommends GNU/Linux to replace XP…“Don’t hold your breath waiting for Microsoft to make Windows XP open source, but—by all means—if you would welcome making XP open source you should just migrate to an open source operating system. The net result will be essentially the same anyway. Switch to one of the multitude of Linux variants, and you can keep using your existing hardware, and upgrade to a more secure operating system that is still supported by an open source community.” Honestly, they are not recommending GNU/Linux for everyone, just those who would like an XPish IT to continue the FLOSS route. Compared to having M$ order updating hardware periodically whether needed or not, that is a good idea.

It’s time business stopped repeating the same mistakes in IT every few years and paying infinite sums to M$ for permission to use their hardware when they could just run, examine, modify and distribute FLOSS to their hearts’ content.

See The Case For Making Windows XP Open Source (And Why It's A Bad Idea).

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6 Responses to Forbes Recommends GNU/Linux

  1. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang atms most are on ADSL or equal connections here and do update monthly. How do you think modern day ATM update the advertisements they display. You really think they would update the advertisement and not push out OS updates???

    The main reason I want MS Windows open source is that we can stop the pretend. In cyber war countries stock pile exploits. The reality is china, USA…. and many other countries have complete access to the source code of Windows yet no right to make a fixed version.

    Yes even open source we still would want some partly or parties funding the development of MS Windows.

    Now of Windows cannot be open sourced. Then for Internet security one day it should become a legacy no longer used OS.

  2. wolfgang says:

    …dougman worry about bank atms…

    think bank run around monthly installing updates to xp apparently. doubt that a lot. single purpose machine locked down tight. geeks cant fiddle with them. even pc in store on demo shelf locked down so geeks cant fiddle with them. straw man or red herring or something from dougman.

  3. dougman says:

    Ahhh wolfie says people using XP is lazy, in reality some software is not built for the newer generation of crap from MicroSh1t. For example: “95 percent of all U.S. bank ATMs still run on a version of Windows XP”

  4. wolfgang says:

    …flying pig…

    maybe wrong metaphor, dunno.

    anyway, statement qualified on people wanting xp open source. not many want that I think. really big pain to support own operating system even if have lots of help from dougman and oiaohm. so who want to have open source xp?

    think anyone still using xp pretty lazy anyway and not likely to want to take on job.

  5. dougman says:

    M$ would never open-source any version of Windows, as the laughter pointed at their direction would never cease.

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