Acer And Australia Are Loving FLOSS

Australia has been dragging its feet in adoption of FLOSS but that is changing.“Acer also revealed to ARN that it has also just picked up the contract for Victoria’s police force, providing 12,500 devices, including 1000 laptops. It already provides hardware and support to the South Australian and Tasmanian police forces. Further details will be made available shortly.
Already in 2014 it has won a major joint-tender contract from a consortium of Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales’ Electoral Commissions, that will see the company provide 5100 tablets for vote counting purposes at each state’s forthcoming elections. All of these Acer branded devices will run Android, and deployment begins shortly.
"Traditionally if you look at those spaces they use enterprise software, such as Windows 8, so using Android is quite unusual," Simmons said…
As part of Woolworth’s new move to the Cloud, Acer also won the contract to provide the supermarket giant with 5000 of its Chromebooks.”
The struggling OEM, Acer, is selling FLOSS like hotcakes in Australia. I told you small cheap computers sell. Acer knows that. Australia knows that. With modern hardware and no tax from M$, the price/performance of FLOSS on ARM or Intel is irresistable.

This is a good indicator that Wintel has lost huge mindshare, the kind of mindshare that allowed M$ to bundle its software with almost every PC in production as recently as 2005. Today, many realize that we are better off running software on servers and reaping the benefit of thousands of small cheap computers running FLOSS as PCs. Call them thin clients, dumb terminals or other terms of denigration, the benefits of the networked computer are too great to resist any longer. The network gives us independence from M$ because the network uses open standards not controlled by M$. Hundreds of millions of consumers have seen other operating systems at work in their own hands so there is a lot less resistance to change at work. In fact, consumers as employees are demanding IT in organizations finally work for us rather than against us as happened for a decade or longer under M$’s brutal regime.

See Acer turns a corner with another big contract win in 2014.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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6 Responses to Acer And Australia Are Loving FLOSS

  1. satrain18 says:

    Phillipines 14 models.

    …and 46 windows ones…

    China 22 models

    …and 39 windows ones…

  2. ram says:

    Looks like the police finally got tired of criminal biker gangs using holes in Microsoft to get advance notice of police raids, change police records, and otherwise undermine law enforcement.

    Hope the states to the north of them wise up soon.

  3. oiaohm says:

    kurkosdr Android Browser for Google Chrome should have been off the list. Chromuim the open source form of Chome browser has all the android source code as well. Chromuim does have access to the closed source plugins made by adobe and others as well.

    Kill off Android Browser was just ending a split development team. So android browser to chrome browser was just swapping 1 foss application for another foss application. Also reducing web developer overhead. So the change to chrome is 100 percent positive.

    The other changes may be not as possible. There is no need to use a fake one at all. kurkosdr please do your homework a little better next time.

    kurkosdr remember this as well to fix the font issues on the Linux Desktop the Linux world required the market presense Android and Chrome has given Linux. A few billion forced adobe to come forwards with the specs of a particular font and tell freetype what the formula error was.

  4. dougman says:

    Are you bashing Google or Android, your post does not compute.

    Perhaps your Windows 8 crashed again, and you are just mad, coming here to vent your rage.

  5. kurkosdr says:

    So, are you sure about the openness of the platform you are cheering for?

  6. kurkosdr says:

    The irony: As Android dominance grows, Google is making it more and more closed-source. AOSP is quicly becoming a graveyard of abandoned code.

    The trick Google employs is launching a closed-source app that replaces the corresponding open-source app, and development of the open-source app stops immediately afterwards.

    Here is a quick list:
    Android Browser -> Google Chrome
    Android Launcher -> Google Home
    Android Messages -> Google Hangouts
    Android Camera -> Google Camera

    In all of the cases, when this happens, the next Nexus doesn’t even include the open-source app (try to find the Android Messages app or the Android Browser in a Nexus 5 if you don’t believe me). So, Nexus devices are running less and less open-source code, aka each new Nexus device contains less and less open-source code.

    Google gets away with this by claiming that releasing closed apps and making the available in the Play Store and abandoning the corresponding open-source app is reducing fragmentation. Never mind said apps require whatever version was newest when they were introduced to work, so they are not really helping with fragmentation.

    Soon, AOSP will be nothing more than “foundation” code, aka Kernel + Dalvik, not a lot unlike the Darwin source code Apple makes available.

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