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Down, Down, and Down Some More: M$’s Tax

Well, it’s not all good news, M$’s latest 10-Q, but I like it. While the world is shipping and buying client IT like hotcakes“Retail and non-OEM sales of Windows declined $319 million or 50%, due mainly to the launch of … Continue reading

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Another Blow To Wintel: UK Retail Shelf-space

Recently, “Fed up with Windows? Had enough of Apple? Grab yourself a slice of history with this HP laptop. The first manufacturer installed Ubuntu machine available from a UK retailer.” consumers in UK have been offered GNU/Linux by eBuyer on … Continue reading

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Funding For FLOSS Infrastructure

Another example of “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”, the recent vulnerability caused by OpenSSL/Heartbleed, prompted“The Core Infrastructure Initiative is a multi-million dollar project housed at The Linux Foundation to fund open source projects that are in the critical path … Continue reading

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Acer And Australia Are Loving FLOSS

Australia has been dragging its feet in adoption of FLOSS but that is changing.“Acer also revealed to ARN that it has also just picked up the contract for Victoria’s police force, providing 12,500 devices, including 1000 laptops. It already provides … Continue reading

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