Wintel Sinks Further

As expected, Intel has raised prices in an attempt to maintain profits as long as possible rather than trusting the market to yield them a reasonable living.“PC Client Group revenue of $7.9 billion, down 8 percent sequentially and down 1 percent year-over-year.” This will hasten the demise of Wintel as consumers see greater advantages to switching to */Linux on ARM. Without the monopoly on retail shelves for legacy PCs there’s no way Intel would raise prices at all and consumers should vote with their wallets. Expect 2014 to be the greatest year yet for FLOSS on ARM.

See Intel News Release.

See also, CFO Commentary on First-Quarter 2014 Results

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  1. ram says:

    As I pointed out on another post, according to an Intel business presentation (which I have good reason to belief is true), for every 10 low cost (mostly Linux) “client” devices sold, Intel (and probably several other semiconductor manufactureres as well) get to sell the parts for at least one high margin server (also running Linux). All the economic arrows point to Linux. Proprietary operating systems don’t even rate a mention.

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