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Wintel Balloon Deflates

One of the most fun things in life is the site of a buoyant balloon taking flight, reaching unimaginable heights gracefully and easily. That was the old Wintel monopoly when neither Intel nor M$ had to do anything to dominate … Continue reading

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SimpleTax Works For Canadian Users Of GNU/Linux

Revenue Canada still doesn’t get GNU/Linux… On their page listing certified software for NETFILEing, there’s no mention of GNU/Linux at all: TWITS! Simple Tax is on their list of certified software and those folks claim “Nothing to installSimpleTax works in … Continue reading

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GNU/Linux For Everyone

The New York Times is at it again, suggesting GNU/Linux as a worthwhile alternative to M$ and Apple’s stuff.“Linux did revolutionize computing. If you own an Android phone or a Kindle e-reader, you are a Linux user. Linux is at … Continue reading

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