RedHat Kicks The Anthill Over At

In my misspent youth I learned that if you kicked a red anthill, the little buggers would swarm all over the place seeking vengeance and repairing the hill…“It has come to our attention that a system running a specific userspace init program will not boot if you add "debug" to the kernel command line. What happens is that the user space tool parses the kernel command line, and if it sees "debug" it will spit out so much information that the system fails to boot. This basically renders the "debug" option for the kernel useless.” The swarm on was impressive. As well as dealing with one problem, a whole bunch of inter-organizational angst was revealed. Linus even stated this was the last straw and he would no longer receive patches from a certain developer at RedHat. Eewww! Greg KH stepped in as peace-maker.

Just as anthills have their strange way of getting repaired, the stresses between two huge tectonic plates of FLOSS will seek equilibrium and life will go on, until the next time…

See Linux-Kernel Archive: [RFC PATCH] cmdline: Hide "debug" from /proc/cmdline.

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