Death of XP Bad for Linux? Nope.

Christopher Tozzi wrote, “The sad reality is that everybody needs to run a Windows app now and then” in an article about the increasing difficulty of virtualizing that other OS on a GNU/Linux system. He’s right about the RAM/CPU/storage burdens of that other OS increasing but he’s wrong that this is bad for GNU/Linux and FLOSS.

The thing is the cost of virtualization is just one more cost of using that other OS. The world is tired of those endless costs. In 2013 we saw ARM and Android/Linux explode in popularity because the costs are so much less. On the desktop, some folks are even using Android/Linux today if they don’t need a big load of applications running simultaneously. Those of us who live in the real world may feel the need for more multiprocessing and for that GNU/Linux works well.

The death of XP means many individuals and organizations have an opportunity to think outside M$’s box. Many will spend huge amounts to remain locked up but some will escape. That’s good for FLOSS and GNU/Linux. The more the merrier.

The last desktop application I ever ran on XP was about five years ago when the school where I worked used XP. I switched that school over to GNU/Linux on more than 90% of the seats. The last time I ever used Wine to run a self-extracting .exe was a few years ago when I got a new motherboard. I just don’t need that other OS ever again. If anyone pushes me to use it, I will just say, “NO!” and really mean it.

See Why Windows XP's Demise Is Bad for Linux and Open Source.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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9 Responses to Death of XP Bad for Linux? Nope.

  1. dougman says:

    Re: Ah, you mean those 1% of desktop users.

    LOL, keep thinking that! I saw a questionnaire for OS usage on a Bitcoin forum and Linux was around 20% usage.

  2. dougman says:

    Get a Chromebook for $99, when you trade in Windows XP at BestBuy.

    “Now through 4/19/2014, bring in your working Windows XP laptop and trade it in for a $25 gift card plus a discount coupon good for $75 toward the purchase of a new Chromebook.”

  3. dougman says:

    I tell people get themselves a Chromebook, and never worry about malware.

  4. luvr says:

    In my experience, the death of Windows XP will, if anything, be great for Linux.

    In the last few weeks, I got questions about Linux from at least five people that have Windows XP running on fairly old computers. The most surprising thing is, that these queries came from people that we would generally consider the kind of “naive” users who would typically go with the next-generation Microsoft crap without thinking. I’m not saying that they will all want to take the plunge and join the GNU/Linux crowd, but the only really important questions they had, were:
    (1) Whether it was true that they could actually boot Ubuntu and/or Linux Mint from CD without risking to lose any stuff from their harddisks (Yes, they could!), and
    (2) Whether they could optionally leave Windows XP on their systems in case they decided to install Linux but felt uneasy about giving up all of their Windows software at once (Yes they could; their next question, then, would be how to keep their systems secure while it had an unsupported Windows version on it, and the answer to that is: Disable networking under Windows).

    Now, to be completely honest, I still have one Windows XP system installed on one of my computers (but with no networking). The only software that I use on it, is AnyDVD, so I can make unscrambled, trouble-free copies of my DVDs, to play under Linux.
    I used to have a Windows XP copy installed in a VirtualBox virtual machine, but that was totally and utterly useless, and I deleted it.

  5. dougman says:

    Re: “The sad reality is that everybody needs to run a Windows app now and then” VERY WRONG……LOL

    Whats sad is this delusional morons ideology that 1) Everyone needs Windows and 2) that Microsoft has apps worth using.

    M$ is basically stuck in a time travel paradox. They see the bleak future for them, and are trying to change it. But their very act of doing so, is what’s going to turn out causing the bleak future in the end.

  6. rudregues says:

    PS: Thanks NSA!!!!

  7. rudregues says:

    Slowly the “Windows-only” applications are turning into “applications”.
    In example, here in Brazil we have just now implemented our email system in more 6 government department. The total is 14 departments with our “Expresso V3” implemented. It has features like crypto, video chat etc. A powerful free software. You can read more in this link

    I’m not saying Linux will be the default targeted system for apps in the future, but I’m sure the monopoly is ending.

  8. dougman says:

    Now we know why you call yourself deaf, perhaps you’re blind as well. Linux has become ubiquitous.

    The term as you say ‘desktop’ has become irrelevant due to tablets and smartphones. Also, the term ‘PC’ is synonymous for all computers, not just to be used with MicroSh1t products. M$ Windows is NOT synonymous with the term “personal computers”.

    Even you high chief states that life today, revolves around mobile and cloud systems, it’s just too bad they they do not control these markets.

    Did you know that Chromebooks are Linux based personal computers and between Jan. and Nov. 2013 Chromebooks accounted for 9.6 percent share of U.S. sales of all tablets, notebooks, and desktop personal computers combined?

    One can have a Linux PC, or even a OSX PC, lots and lots of PC’s accessing the Net these days.

  9. Deaf Spy says:

    “On the desktop, some folks are even using Android/Linux today if they don’t need a big load of applications running simultaneously. “
    Ah, you mean those 1% of desktop users. Well, they’ve been around for last couple of decades. The rest of the world has a Mac or a PC.

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