Tamil Nadu State of India Pushes GNU/Linux To Replace XP

It’s coated in bureaucratese but when the boss suggests installing the boss, some employess might just do that…“the Tamil Nadu government has advised all its departments to install free open source software BOSS Linux” This suggestion was made as early as 2011 but it had little traction. The imminent demise of XP might focus the right minds on the matter…

Read the latest letter for your self. I have a hard time parsing “mandatory” and “suggested” on the same piece of paper. Isn’t that like a spark in a powder-keg?

See TN state departments asked to switch over to open source software.

See also the original letter of 2011

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2 Responses to Tamil Nadu State of India Pushes GNU/Linux To Replace XP

  1. ram says:

    Maybe they have grown tired of the corruption that bribery by certain proprietary software vendors facilitates?

  2. dougman says:

    M$ closure of XP, will herald the largest migration to LInux ever! The majority ex-XP types, could get by with Chromebooks alone, and never have to deal with malware ever again.

    Linux is a far better deal in the long run.

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