Small Cheap Computers Win China

The number os users of smartphones in China greatly exceeds the number of legacy PCs.“There were 1.24 billion subscribers of mobile communication services in China as of February 2014, growing 0.36% sequentially and 9.52% on year, and 429.79 million (34.67%) of them were 3G users and 839.05 million (67.68%) mobile Internet-access users, according to China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).
The number of subscribers in February accounted for 90.8% of the country’s population.”
Clearly, these smartphones are the new PC for many. They are replacing legacy PCs for communication and browsing. The legacy PC is too expensive, bulky and immobile to give these folks what they want.

See China has 1.24 billion mobile phone users in February, says MIIT.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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12 Responses to Small Cheap Computers Win China

  1. ram says:

    At the other end of the spectrum, Linux dominates the high performance computing (HPC) and workstation market. For the same size and power consumption that used to be associated with “PC’s” ten years ago, you can get over 100 GFLOPS of performance. This at a price that is professionally affordable and certainly corporately affordable (around the price of company car or van). Only on Linux is this possible. Check out your favorite major motion picture studio, animation house, engineering design company, major architectural firm, bioengineering laboratory, physics laboratory, … to verify. Or just check out their “help wanted” advertisements. Almost all Linux with some remaining fragments of BSD and other Unix-like operating systems.

  2. oiaohm says:

    Apparently wolfgang has not seen items like this. Notice it mentions hooking up keyboard and mouse and monitors. When you dock your android phone in a dock built for it. The result is basically an Android PC. Ubuntu and Jolla phones also do the same kind of thing.

    The line between PC Desktop thin terminal and Mobile phone is in fact very small. Even between a PC and a Mobile phone with Android with MS office its getting very small as well.

    Its the fact android is not limited to the small screen on the device but to the screen that can be connected. Same with input methods.

  3. dougman says:

    Re: 100% of a PC.

    Well, thats true in reality, however would I want to for an extended period of time? No..

  4. dougman wrote, “I can perform almost 85% of what I do on my Linux PC, with my Samsung S4 quite easily”.

    You should be able to do 100% of your stuff with GNU/Linux on that device. I have 4gB of RAM in use on Beast so I might have to split the server stuff onto a dedicated server and just leave the desktop stuff but a smartphone is a general-purpose stored-programme computer which most likely has stuff the legacy PC does not like GPS, compass and phone built in. I suspect you can do more with your smartphone than your legacy PC. That’s what appeals to young folk, being limited only by their imaginations which they let run wild. It’s sad to see so many people thinking inside boxes: cubicles at work, ATX cases, M$’s entanglement…

  5. dougman says:

    By its very definition, a smartphone is a cellular phone that is able to perform many of the functions of a computer, and in fact I can perform almost 85% of what I do on my Linux PC, with my Samsung S4 quite easily.

    See this is why M$ has started making Linux software, they see the writing on the wall Shame it’s trolls do not.

  6. wolfgang says:

    …smart phones are pcs…

    suit yourself, but you ask people do you have a pc or a mac and they say no, just cheapo cell phone. you say is it linux and they say no, is android, not even iphone.

  7. wolfgang wrote, “don’t you find it interesting that almost very person in China has smart phone?”

    Yes. That’s why I wrote the post. The smartphone is the new PC and it runs */Linux widely.

  8. rudregues says:

    Sorry wolfgang, here in Brazil we have near 200 Million people. But 272 Million active mobile numbers…

    You must be from a developed country, where people save money, but in Brazil people like to show power, like to show they are the bosses. Then you must buy another mobile, even if your old is good.

  9. wolfgang says:

    don’t you find it interesting that almost very person in China has smart phone? even babe in arms? who fooling who?

  10. wolfgang wrote, “maybe” many times.

    Maybe he’s just denying reality. Will we have to live through bargaining and acceptance in the coming months?

  11. wolfgang says:

    …very interesting…
    but raise lot of questions. google world say that 1.35 billion chinamans. 160 million are migrant farm workers in rice paddy. so many users there still wearing diapers. maybe where E*TRADE got idea for commercial.

    or maybe minister puffing up story.

  12. dougman says:

    Trolls says, “These are not PC’s, the numbers are insignificant”

    Meanwhile, in the real world… M$ market share in the smart phone world is a paltry 2-3%, OEM’s refuse to use the mobile OS unless it tops 15%.


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