MySQL Evolves At Oracle

Apparently, Oracle has decided not only to allow MySQL to live, they are letting it grow.“This new version of MySQL has demonstrated the ability to respond to 512,000 read-only queries per second (qps), more than twice 250,000 read-only QPS that MySQL 5.6 was capable of performing.” They are improving its scalability on multiple processors and making the code more modular for future changes.

From a business-perspective, I was thinking they would just keep MySQL around as a place-holder to make it easier for startups to move up to Oracle’s big dog, but this move seems more like diversification. Perhaps Oracle recognizes that some organizations will remain sensitive to price indefinitely and it is better to sell them support rather than letting them run off to PostgreSQL or MariaDB. It’s all good.

See Oracle doubles the speed of MySQL query handling.

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2 Responses to MySQL Evolves At Oracle

  1. oiaohm says:

    JD not like Orcale is in a position to do anything. Google + Facebook + Twitter + Linkedin. This is a larger development team than Oracle has.

    The problem here is Orcale future customers are taking the first move. So oracle is being forced onto the backfoot.

  2. JD says:

    Question is, is it still backwards compatible with MariaDB? It wouldn’t surprise me if Oracle takes a page out of Microshaft’s EEE handbook, and try and lock customers in while trying to extinguish the competition first, the MySQL itself later.

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