South Tyrol: You Can Be Fired For Using That Other OS

It used to be said that “no one was ever fired” for using that other OS, but that’s no longer true.“The new policy is meant to reduce IT costs. Should this fail, the region must resort to reduce its workforce, in order to balance the region’s budget. A second motivation is to strengthen the ICT companies in the region. "We are of course eager to promote the local IT sector. Our aim is to find areas and niches that can be covered by local IT enterprises with free and open source solutions. We are emphasising areas where we, as a regional administration, have special skills above and beyond IT."” The government of South Tyrol (a region of northern Italy), wanting to cut spending on non-Free software licences instead of positions, is “recommending” FLOSS. Good for them. No government owes M$ a living. No government should ever “agree” to M$ fiddling with their IT. No government should ever agree with arbitrary restrictions on software like not examining or copying it. FLOSS is the right way to do IT. South Tyrol recommends the whole European Community use FLOSS and open standards.

See South Tyrol governor: 'EC, use open formats'.

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