Process Of Elimination – The Hunt For MH-370

After many false starts and problems with weather/seas the search is closing in on debris floating in the southern Indian Ocean. Timing and Doppler shifts of handshakes combined with fuel consumption, estimated air-speed, drift measurements and satellite images of the region tell us that the search region is growing tighter. Searching planes have dropped tracking buoys near debris so it is only a matter of time before one of the ships picks up debris. Many difficulties remain like picking up debris from rough seas and using the cumulative information to locate the pingers before they die, but I am confident that this will soon come together to find the wreckage of the MH-370.

I have no doubt that public outrage at the delay in finding the wreck will induce the aviation industry to implement long-suggested real-time tracking and data-recording systems. It’s just silly to spend hundreds of $millions on a plane, fill it with hundreds of people and then to lose it. The present system of pingers and data-recorders was devised decades ago and without the creativity of Inmarsat to use packet-timing for geolocation, this wreck could easily have been lost forever. I expect that airlines who have been rejecting tubes of toothpaste as dangerous goods will come to their senses about shipping pallets of lithium ion batteries too. Maybe they will even check the damned passports. The world can do better.

Search image © Australian Maritime Safety Authority 2014

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10 Responses to Process Of Elimination – The Hunt For MH-370

  1. ram says:

    Here is another report with an interesting IT aspect:

  2. ram says:

    “Search” ? More like song and dance!
    Just a media distraction. Too many people know about, operated, or even installed the military radar, geoacoustic surveillance systems, and sonars in the region. The Murdoch media story is obvious
    (expletive regarding bovine waste deleted)!

  3. eug says:

    “The world is demanding to know the truth and only a fool would think it even possible to cover up anything this public.”

  4. ram wrote, “It is clear there is a multinational coverup going on. “

    oh, come on… Many nations have committed a lot of money, equipment and lives to finding the wreckage. The world is demanding to know the truth and only a fool would think it even possible to cover up anything this public. There is indication that Malaysia may be trying to manage the news and doing it poorly but that’s not evidence of cover-up just mismanagement. Malaysia should have hired PR people on Day 1 instead of having their politicians talk about stuff going over their heads. Politicians don’t even understand the technical language nor the physics of the situation.

    Malaysia Airlines was in deep doodoo before the disappearance. There was lots of reason to short the stock long before.

  5. ram says:

    It is clear there is a multinational coverup going on. A coverup by a combination of countries that most often do not cooperate. It could be they have genuinely good reasons for not saying what actually happened.

    Perhaps the decision makers involved in the shorting the Malaysian Airlines securities HAVE been “vigorously questioned”? Truth is sometime stranger than any fiction.

  6. ram says:

    An easier way to find where is the plane is to “vigorously question” the people who placed the giant short (stock) positions on Malaysian Airlines securities.

    I note the Chinese Navy (PLAN) has quite a number of large ships off of Western Australia, more than the entire Australian Navy has in total.

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