Canary Islands Goes Free

Yes! Yet another government gets the picture. Various software empires have been charging them multiple times for the same product.“The switch to Postgresql is expected to result in a reduction in the number of proprietary RDBMS licences. The Canary Islands is using over 40 proprietary database management systems. OpenOffice will be installed on some 30,000 workstations across the islands.

The Canary Islands’ overhaul of IT systems began in 2011 and is now starting to bear fruit, financially and technologically. In February, the government announced that it had managed to cut costs for server and workstation operating systems by 25.4 per cent, by switching to free and open source alternatives.”
What’s with that? If a normal business mows the lawn they charge for mowing the lawn. M$ and “partners” charge for mowing the lawn, looking at it, and even more if you have more than one lawn. Same with Oracle. How are they charging these days? Per named user, per processor and different amounts depending on what the product is called. Then there are paid updates. It costs money just to pay people to comply with the licence and more money to change anything in the system… FLOSS is so much simpler. Get the software and use it. The licence permitting use, examination, modification and distribution is all the same charge, $0. What were they thinking using that non-Free stuff previously?

The GNU Public Licence and variations cover a lot of FLOSS, like GNU/Linux operating systems. Then there is the database, PostgreSQL. It comes with its own FLOSS licence, allowing, “Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software and its documentation for any purpose, without fee, and without a written agreement is hereby granted, provided that the above copyright notice and this paragraph and the following two paragraphs appear in all copies.” Piece of cake, eh? This is the way to do IT.

See Canary Islands make Postgres default database.

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4 Responses to Canary Islands Goes Free

  1. ram says:

    They will find their costs will continue to go down, and not just in IT. The use of certain proprietary products is a sign of corruption in government and is widely viewed that way. When people see those certain proprietary products they know “here is an organisation that takes bribes”. The removal of the “bribes welcomed here” advertisement is a major step in the battle against corruption.

  2. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang as sad as it sound some commercial companies have even managed to break the postgresql license.

    Some of the extensions to postgresql are GPL. for example. If as a developer you are picky over using GPL parts you will cut yourself out from using some of the highly useful extensions to Postgresql.

    There are worse hoops for developers to jump through to avoid being sued by Oracle or Microsoft. FSF is extremely nice mostly. FSF contacts you company informs you of issue you fix issue FSF does not even fine you. FSF only becomes a problem if you wish to be pig headed.

    Take the samsung exfat driver. Yes it was in breach of GPL. Samsung kept a open dialogue with FSF and got to an outcome without going to caught or having to pay any money. Same kind of error with Orcale or MS SQLserver you ass is gone.

    FSF is not evil they just want the license followed. They are willing to work with the effected company to resolve include if it means not using that GPL product in future so not requiring fine. One of the out-clauses of GPL is stop using it.

  3. dougman says:

    Wolfie cannot argue the merits against using PostGreSQL, as the alternatives are so costly and resorts to name calling on the GPL.

    MicroSh1ts products are so damn expensive and they are VERY sneaky about it:

  4. wolfgang says:

    …postgres floss license…

    look to me like postgres license not like gpl since not require any show source if changed. just acknowledge come from postgres. I think that is better than gpl which try to make developer jump through hoop or else get sued by fsf lawyer moglin.
    good job postgres.

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