Bug 62925 Gets Some Grease

Yep, it pays to file bug reports about LibreOffice…
“there is some important movement: German and Swiss cities and institutions fund dvelopment on this feature and they just opened a tender: http://www.osb-alliance.de/working-groups/projekte/wichtige-funktionalitaeten-bei-loaoo/ (in German language)”

See Bug 62925 – FORMATTING: enhancement: please add "chart styles" to the styles of Calc.

See also Google’s translation of the German page.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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20 Responses to Bug 62925 Gets Some Grease

  1. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang if lockin did not exist there would be more full migrations from Windows by now. Not 90/10 splits or other split ratios. Problem is you are too black and white the world is grey. So companies can be used Linux and Windows on the Desktop. Google desktop is about 50 percent Linux about 25 percent OS X and about 25 percent Windows. Most the Linux migrations are like this.

    wolfgang when IBM almost went under they had to cut costs. This included renting out their mainoffices and forcing admin staff to move into factories that were not productive.

    wolfgang I work with many different businesses interesting enough one being an aircraft service centre. So yes this is why I knew how the data loggers were done.

    wolfgang I never taught donald duck also the real human voice behind donald duck has some very high language qualifications. Its a lot harder to talk as donald duck correctly than it seams.

  2. wolfgang says:

    …oiaohm and dougman…

    yak and yak and yak. one day say Microsoft lock in poor customer next day say everyone using Linux to save money. neither one know anything I think.
    oiaohm just crazy kid who has crazy opinion on everything. know Linux he says. know how to send engine information on satellite from boeing airplane. professor of english and even teach donald duck. know everything. also has time to blog 247. hard to understand how he fit that into such busy schedule. just nut job I think.
    dougman got business selling free software to odd ball customers. most famous customers ones who he goes to late at night to fix problem or who crash hard drive and not have backup policy. Not sound like big business to me, but maybe different in capital. lots of crazy things in that neck of woods. dougman theory of business is to make profit by keeping outflow below inflow. real big business try to keep inflow way above outflow. harder job, but dougman not know that.

  3. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang you just a laugh. Completely out to have you backside kicked by anyone who does there homework.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goobuntu Half Google staff desktop is Linux.


    Google is not the only one like that. Real business that make real products every year more and more of them don’t use Windows or less than 50 percent of their desktop is windows.

    90/10 split is functional. Dancing with Linux is not business dancing with a item they don’t know.

    After 30 years of having staff steal stuff by client access and data loss due to client crashes more and more businesses want terminal provision. The time is coming that we will be able to share a real video card with many virtual machines.

  4. dougman says:

    Oh yea sure, so sayeth a troll that believes he knows everything.

    Businesses are always conscious of spending costs you idiot, if your outflow is exceeding your inflow, your doing it wrong.

    Smart businesses do NOT use MicroShit products and love to saving money. Linux and FOSS enables this, much to your chagrin.

  5. ram says:

    Real businesses don’t take bribes to cripple their business and leak confidential information, ergo they avoid proprietary software provided by foreign government supported “corporations”.

  6. wolfgang says:

    München not business at all. not trying to make profit, only trying to get by at lowest cost. if customer not pleased, so what?
    real business sells products for profits. not in business of getting by at lowest cost. dance with devil they know. after 30 years that is microsoft

  7. wolfgang wrote, “big companies use volume purchase license to get best price. buy software assurance, too, since business needs to be protected.”

    Allow me to translate: “big companies use volume purchase license to get price with less maths involved. buy software assurance, too, since business needs to be locked in to Wintel to keep the world on its axis…”

    Some big companies don’t do that, the smart ones, like Google, Peugeot, and IBM. Wouldn’t Google be foolish to throw ~$100 million at M$ every few years for nothing but permission to run the hardware that Google owns? Same with any organization or individual large or small. Even the big businesses that feel the need to use certain Wintel-only applications just buy the licences they need to work in that niche. Munich, for instance, found they could actually do away with tons of applications that were essentially useless and many others were replaced by FLOSS. Munich certainly did not have any need of a “volume discount” from M$.

  8. wolfgang says:

    …for qualified employees…
    dougman not seem to understand about this. maybe not employee. maybe not qualified. dunno.
    big companies use volume purchase license to get best price. buy software assurance, too, since business needs to be protected. any employee using office at work can get $10 copy for home, like wolfgang who gets reimbursed even for that.

    Not such big deal as dougman try to bamboozle with crazy arithmetic. dougman too broke to buy real office, so use clone. ok by me, why not ok with dougman? if people willing to pay for real thing, then it is their decision. dougman feel bad about that I think.

  9. dougman says:

    LOL…thats ONLY for qualified employees you dolt.

    Microsoft’s Home Use Program for Office Pro Plus costs companies much more than even a full retail copy of Office. While billed as a $10 copy of Office for your workers to take home, it’s not $10 and you don’t own it.

    “The terms of this program require that you have a valid e-mail address with a participating company.”

    “The Home Use Program is a Software Assurance benefit available to Microsoft volume licensing customers with active Software Assurance coverage on their Office applications. Employees who use the covered licenses at work are eligible to purchase these Office applications for use on a home PC during the term of their employment. This temporary license expires with the employers Software Assurance coverage, or upon termination of employment with the covered customer.”


    “Several factors need to be considered:

    You must have Software Assurance on Microsoft Office Pro Plus to take get access to the Home Use Program, so if you want to know the true cost of Office through the HUP, you need to add the cost of Software Assurance. Ask your reseller or check your Customer Price sheet if you have a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA).

    Companies with EAs often purchase Office with Software Assurance for every PC in their organization, but rarely do more than a fraction of their employees take advantage of the HUP.

    When calculating the cost of the HUP for your organization, you count what you pay for SA on every copy of Office, not just for those employees who take advantage of the HUP.

    Office licenses purchased through the HUP are not perpetual, but may only be used as long as your organization continues to license Office with Software Assurance. In effect, you are renting Office. If you stop paying for SA on Office, your employees’ rights to use the Home Use copy expire.”

    Let’s do a calculation.

    The formula looks like this:

    (Actual annual HUP unit cost) = (Number of Office licenses with SA) x (Annual unit cost of SA) ÷ (Number of HUP participants)

    I’ll fill this in with numbers:

    (Actual annual HUP unit cost) = 2,654 x $130 ÷ 638

    (Actual annual HUP unit cost) = $540.78

    Note that this is the annual cost. In a three-year agreement, this customer pays three times this amount, or $1,622.35, to rent each copy of Office. If they want to keep using it after their agreement expires, they would renew for another three years, for another $1,622.35.

    Question: can you name an SA benefit for Office other than new version rights and HUP?

    Nuf’ said.

  10. wolfgang says:

    …hefty sum…

    Not if you have real job. Just go to web site


    and put in numbers from friendly HR lady. if wannabe or hobby guy, use open program.

  11. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang read
    kurkosdr March 24th, 2014

    I have a pirated copy of Office which I got for 5 euros, I don’t care.

    Hint: This is what most normal people do.

    Exactly what is wrong with kurkosdr. Piracy is not cool.

  12. dougman says:

    LOL…glad you enjoy renting your software.


    If you don’t want to rent, then you gotta pay a hefty sum.


    Good thing there are free alternatives that are just as good, such as LibreOffice.

  13. wolfgang says:

    …endorse piracy…

    Hah! you schafskopf as bad as oiaohm. Microsoft give corporate citizen legal copy of pro office for 10 euro. whole point of not needing pirated copy. your big mouth shoot off before tiny brain comprehend! go slower and quit making mistake.

  14. dougman says:

    WOW, M$ trolls endorses piracy now?

    True, most normal people do get viruses and malware on Windows, its the common recurring thread with such shoddy software.

    I am glad you English limeys enjoy spending your euros for American products.

  15. wolfgang says:

    …pirated copy of office…

    no need to go to trouble for that. anyone using office for real probably work for big company where office needed and office suite, whole shebang, come for 10 euro, including excel access outlook power point one note word and even more. also .net apis for own works.
    its the real thing just like coke.

  16. ram says:

    Another approach that works for me (actually the company I work for) is to hire selected developers on certain open source projects and pay them to add the features I most want to see. That still costs very much less than buying licenses for proprietary software.

  17. kurkosdr says:


    I have a pirated copy of Office which I got for 5 euros, I don’t care.

    Hint: This is what most normal people do.

  18. dougman says:

    See this is why you use open source software.

    “It’s 2014 and you can pwn a PC by opening a .RTF in Word – Microsoft has warned its Word software is vulnerable to a newly discovered dangerous bug – which is being exploited right now in “limited, targeted attacks” in the wild. There is no patch available at this time.”


    “Having a ridiculous bug like that, spread over a decade of versions is one thing..But it’s been known by Microsoft since the end of January. It’s now almost the end of March, and there’s still no patch for a remote code execution vulnerability, that’s potentially in the wild?? If you ever wanted a reason to use open-source then this is it!”

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