AMD Drops Oracle

“The migration of 276TB of data, which was completed last year, was prompted by "an environment outage that took weeks to recover," according to an internal document seen by El Reg. This encouraged AMD to replace Oracle for something else.
In the end, the processor giant settled on using Cloudera’s Hadoop distribution along additional open-source projects Apache Hive, ZooKeeper, HBase, HDFS, httpfs, LZO compression, MapReduce and others.
According to AMD, the Hadoop software was able to reduce query times by 300 per cent, and now has an unlimited row limit for query results compared to 100,000 rows on the Oracle system.”
Oracle is supposed to be the end-all and be-all of enterprise databases but it’s costly for many and too clumsy for others. AMD had huge data and a failure prompted them to switch. No doubt the switch cost something but what was the cost of the failure? What is the cost of an infinite number of licensing fees to support Oracle in the manner to which it has become accustomed?

See AMD: Why we had to evacuate 276TB from Oracle DB to Hadoop.

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4 Responses to AMD Drops Oracle

  1. ram says:

    Personally, I think AMD is going down, Linux or no LInux. The slightest increase in interest rates and they are gone. It doesn’t help their present product line is non-competitive against Intel and NVidia on Linux platforms so the HPC (High Performance Computing) community has largely moved away from AMD/ATI. Too bad, two or three years ago AMD was still in pretty good shape.

  2. oiaohm says:

    Ram I would not be sure it will change much at AMD with the Linux world. AMD was running Oracle on Linux anyhow.

    kurkosdr after a while you starting thinking enterprise software must only mean add a few extra number to the end of the price tag.

  3. ram says:

    Maybe AMD will through in some more support for Open Source after this.

  4. kurkosdr says:

    And this is supposedly enterprise software? WTF.

    To quote encyclopedia drammatica:
    “Oracle Corporation is a globe-spanning, company-consuming machine with an unquenchable appetite. Good software companies go in one end, and cash flows out the other. Poor, overpriced software is a byproduct of this produce.”

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