Tablets A Bulk Commodity

In 2012 tablets were barely a trickle. In 2013 they took off, at least for the Android/Linux kind. Now shiploads of them are moving from factories in China to every corner of the world.“This is a pivotal year for tablets as the traditional markets leading computing and CE deployments reach a tipping point and give way to growth regions.The most mature markets, including North America, Western Europe, Japan and South Korea, are yielding to other regions, such as Latin America, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, where the connectivity infrastructure and distribution channels are coming of age.Market intelligence firm ABI Research forecasts 200 million branded tablet shipments this year—a 20% gain year-over-year from the 166 million shipments in 2013.”
You just can’t hide 200 million of the small cheap computers. They are the new PC, along with thin clients, ChromeBooks, smartphones and those dusty legacy PCs… I completely missed that. There is only one tablet in the house and I rarely use it. I thought for sure GNU/Linux would take over the legacy PC to replace that other OS. Instead the small cheap computers are replacing the legacy PC and the OS M$ ships. It’s all good.

I expect with this flood we will see more people doing the obvious and attaching keyboards and mice for “productivity” and just never replacing those legacy PCs. Wintel may well survive a bit longer but either as one of a large number of choices in the market or a solution to use until it dies on the current hardware. The last locked-in market for Wintel seems to be businesses who figure they need such and such application which only comes on that other OS. That will change pretty rapidly as there’s even choices for web applications and cloud services. The solid share that Wintel had with consumers just a couple of years ago will evaporate just as rapidly with businesses given a choice. Let’s see, what’s a business to do when the choice is eternal slavery or picking up a truckload of tablets and connecting them to a GNU/Linux server or some cloud application? Everyone knows they have choices now and many will take other choices than Wintel.

Let’s see who can paddle the fastest to escape Wintel.

SEE Branded Tablet Shipments to Reach 200 Million in 2014.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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2 Responses to Tablets A Bulk Commodity

  1. dougman says:


    M$ troll buys Android tablet, says HAHAAH me like, also states that there is no Linux, it is barely used, no make any money with it.

    Current Android is based Linux kernel’s longterm 3.4 branch.

    Wolfie receives an ‘F’ for todays trolldom rating.

  2. wolfgang says:

    …cheap tablets…

    lot of these things around to be sure, but most are junk. I got $79 tablet year or so back, not worth using for anything. gave to grandkid. worked for a while and then wifi quit. useless without wifi, so into garbage. had to buy replacement since kid used for games. tried out replacement for mail and such. decided that it could be useful if not such junk.
    looked at ipad mini but not in stock at apple store. saw Nexus 2013 at other store and it feel good to use, just like ipad mini. real happy with nexus now. work smooth, take great picture, can use for gps, but cars have gps built in anyway. neatest thing is can connect to windows workstation at home and see business stuff. smooth zoom, too, so can actually use for real stuff.
    not so cheap, but pretty close, $239 for 16gb Wi-Fi. more than $100 less than ipad mini and better pictures both take and view.
    not work with cell tower, but then Wi-Fi is free when available at hot spot. can use flip phone for making call anyway. nexus with wifi much cheaper than phone and better to sit in café with coffee and use nexus than to drive around with phone looking at screen and running into wreck.

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