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Christine Hall has an interesting article about the plethora of operating systems ordinary folk have at hand. There wasComment: “less than two years ago: We all ran Windows 7, except my servers which ran Server 2008 R2. I upgraded the entire family to Windows 8 early (I’ve always been an early adopter) through a MSDN subscription. It lasted a few weeks, perhaps a month or so before the revolt began. Everyone hated it, and it had real problems beyond the general distaste everyone had for the UI. I faced a dilemma as I’d built a long successful career (since DOS 3) on Microsoft technologies, but wanted no part of this new direction (which is as bad as Apple’s).” a time when M$ had almost completed its monopoly but the lid is off the kettle now and its boiling well.

The techies among us have always had some choice. Now everyone has a choice. They can choose from 3 or 4 operating systems on retail shelves. I still don’t see GNU/Linux on my local retail shelves, at least in the big box, Walmart, but it will happen. You can’t beat FLOSS for price/performance. That other OS can’t compete on price until they pay users to use it, and that won’t happen as long as M$ is run by greed.

In my home, GNU/Linux is king of stationary computers and Android/Linux is in a fight with BlackBerry in the mobile space. My Android/Linux phone is mostly “off” but the little woman keeps her BB warm. I love it when the kids come to visit.

See What Operating Systems Do You Use?.

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3 Responses to Operating Systems We Use

  1. wolfgang says:


    less windows for year is true, but lots of fine bräu still in fässchen. world big place and windows still all over it. whether ratio is 99 to one or 50 to one not make much difference to buyer who only see winner on shelf to buy. go to dark corner to find Linux computer on shelf, but not matter so much to anyone.

  2. wolfgang wrote this, “Linux nowhere now. Linux nowhere then either.”, despite GNU/Linux gaining share everywhere while that other OS continues its decline.

  3. wolfgang says:

    …what operating system used…

    total wrong question. people not use operating system. people use pc. people use mac. people use smart phone. people use tablet. never fuss with operating system unless ubergeek. laugh out loud at ubergeek and shake head.
    has to be windows if work like pc. if not windows, then not pc. that is what people think no matter what you say or think they will or should think. been too long to change how think, I think.
    mac not pc, everybody know now. mac is mac. better maybe, maybe not, cost more for sure.
    Linux nowhere now. Linux nowhere then either. who care what bought in kuala lumpur?

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