Mexico Overflowing With */Linux

A few months ago when I last wrote about Android/Linux and GNU/Linux in Mexico, they were doing well thanks to people loving small cheap computers and GNU/Linux actually having some salesmen.

That roll continues although it seems obvious that Android/Linux devices have more salesmen/shelf-space than GNU/Linux. Both made huge advances this year. Both grew 100% in share of page-views over the past year. Android/Linux has grown steadily while GNU/Linux seems to have stepped up. It’s all good. Mexicans are getting their choice of OS and choosing Free Software more often. Let the trend continue.

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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50 Responses to Mexico Overflowing With */Linux

  1. oiaohm says:

    By the way crumbs feeding roaches is not a bad example for me either. If you bug control methods against roaches fail you can end up in plague and the scary result of this.

    Maybe you don’t know why humans fear roaches wolfgang. Small creature in large enough population has no worry about eating a living human.

    Linux world is facing the same problem. Its running out of low hanging fruit in other markets to consume as well.

  2. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang I never said 18 months to extinction. I said 18 months until war footing. Basically 18 months until the Linux world starts using major proactive actions.

    Anyone who understands the death by 1000 cuts understands that the first cuts are don’t in fact risk death. Its the combined effect of them all.

    This is the problem I have not in fact changed my mind. I have stated the same thing two different ways.

  3. wolfgang says:

    …pieces falling off…

    like crumbs from table feeding roaches on floor? you not so good with tax advice or understanding profits for business. now looks like you terrible at analogy, too. I have to laugh out loud. thanks for chuckle today.

    oiaohm changed mind again too. now is 1000 cuts was 18 months to complete extinction. well easy to dream. not cost anything either.

  4. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang really if you think 20 years of existence is important you are fooling self. Unix camp said the same things before they sunk as well.

    Saturation point only exists because Microsoft has had 20 years. History of OS X and WIndows versions of MS Office tells us not to have too much hope of good compatibility with OSi and Android MS Office.

    Reducing dominance is going to come back and bite Microsoft.

    wolfgang if you like it or not Pieces are already falling from Microsoft. Nvidia gameworks this year will be released for LInux this includes GNU based and Android based. Valve and Gog also breaking free. More and more of those pieces are collecting around Linux.

    I would say Linux progress is going along very nicely at the moment. As long as Linux keeps on picking up the pieces falling off the Microsoft camp it will keep on growing. Gameworks by Nvidia was a Windows only thing.

    I am not expecting the instant downfall of Microsoft. I am expecting death of 1000 cuts. Slow and painful for Microsoft.

    Sorry what I have been stating has started happening in the past 3 years. There is no sign that it going to slow down. So progressively Linux will just keep on becoming a stronger and stronger competitor.

  5. wolfgang says:

    …oiaohm wonderful imagination…

    maybe use to find plane, but not so hot for tax. anyway Microsoft doing pretty good with ipad office, I think. oiaohm waiting in wings to pick up pieces, but windows around for more than 20 years so far and every year better and better for Microsoft, so he may have longer wait than he think.

  6. oiaohm says:

    One of the old things I have always said. Linux does not have to defeat Microsoft. Microsoft will do that themselves. All Linux has to be is ready at the right time to pick up the pieces.

  7. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang why you are so confused with me is you cannot stand back and see the long term.

    Mind you there is a second way todo the Tax avoidance stunt.

    Microsoft CA gives so much cash to the Proxy charity who then uses that cash to buy from the Overseas Taxhaven of Microsoft. The result is always the same a tax deduction for money the company has never really lost.

    Now the problem with tax avoidance methods is one day the Tax Offices always get wise to them. So the 4.5 percent tax Microsoft is paying now without avoidance 20 to 30 percent more tax to pay. When the piper catches up with Microsoft returns on shares will reduce. Worst nightmare is if it rule that the franking on Microsoft shares has been invalid. Yes there are a lot of other companies in the same boat.

    If you looked at just sales and profits something like a Pyramid Scheme looks great .

    Not being something like a Pyramid scheme requires making new products with new features that people want. Sales and profits is not the be all and end all. Long term current Sales and Profits has basically no relationship to company life. Companies that made no income or sales even massive losses for many years part way through their life are highly successful companies today. Companies in the past that had huge incomes and sales are no more.

    Long term if you like it or not MS Office will be released on GNU/Linux or Microsoft will be out of the Office suite business. Why its the same reason why Valve and Gog are on Linux. Market saturation. Even if OS is just a 1 percent share that is unsaturated is better than an OS with a 99 percent share that is saturated to the point users don’t want new product.

    wolfgang the reality is Microsoft is killing it self by being too successful and this death is being speed up by iphones/ipads and android devices.

    Microsoft is having insane hard time moving users off XP. They will have another battle to move them off Windows 7. Yes the same arguement used against Linux platforms why will uses migrate and loss their applications applies to what is happening now.

    Yes the reality is so funny.

  8. wolfgang says:

    …oiaohm the magnificent…

    your views on tax strategies are very interesting, but still very stupid. you have to work pretty hard to overcome your theory that sales and profits are not important to businesses also. nothing makes much sense with you.

  9. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang there is a problem of course Microsoft trolls have claimed repeatly that ipads and android tablets are not for content production.

    By the way I am not dreaming about the tax avoidance issue. Tax Offices around the world are starting to gun for the stunt Microsoft has been using.

    wolfgang the Microsoft share price might appear to be back the same as as the .com era the reality is very shocking. You have failed to account for how many Microsoft share are in the pool. The number of shares have reduced since the .com era. Sorry Microsoft is very much deception.

    The question really now how long until MS Office is released on GNU/Linux. It is only a matter of time.

  10. wolfgang says:

    …oiaohm still dreaming…
    lsd powerful stuff, maybe. anyway, way off the subject. maybe market value of Microsoft stuff is better than sliced bread and good for deduction. who cares?
    big news today is that ipads and phones can get use of ms office. world excited and Microsoft price back to middle of .com era. oiaohm better quit doing his super typing job and get with times. need ribbon for sure.

  11. oiaohm says:

    I will take you example.

    So MS donates 1 billion dollars worth of MS windows how would they do this.

    First the school/s does not get it for free at all as Microsoft will publicly claim. The schools have to pay a management group like techsoup so much per instance lets say 20 dollars.(Yes this is close to real numbers) Now techsoup places the order for the software to Microsoft to where Microsoft tells them to and how Microsoft tells them to. So Microsoft CA gives the 1 billion dollars worth of software to proxy charity for the schools but then buys 1 billion worth from the tax haven it could be Luxembourg I will use Luxembourg for this example but Microsoft has many different offices in tax havens with insane amounts of income. So the income for the software is now in Luxembourg where no income tax has to be paid on it. Microsoft CA receives the 1 billion tax write off for the donation does not have to declare the income because Microsoft CA only provided the software at cost and made zero income in fact from the deal it was Microsoft Luxembourg the tax haven that made the 1 billion dollars income.

    The miss balance all comes about because software is electronic ones and zeros and can move between countries without collecting duties or collecting large shipping costs.

    The middle man like Techsoup makes a decent profit out the complete stunt. The middle man keeps the number of people who have to be in the loop to work out what is going on to the min.

    What is going on is very much like the illegal bottom of harbour method Except without resulting in a company being insolvent.

    The reasons why us Australians see it is our past history with Bottom of the Harbour items. I think it funny the wikipedia does not have where Bottom of the Harbour name comes from.

    Sydney Harbour is correct point. But its a historic stupidity that causes the name. Back in 1970~ there were some official blocks of land that were literately at the Bottom of the Harbour in Sydney(under the waterline) Yes they had eroded away since Sydney had been first surveyed. One of the first companies todo the stunt owned one of these blocks of course they left that block of land as the companies head office. Really fun for the tax office agent. The result was company with almost no assets other than the 1 asset that was not sell-able that was at the bottom of the harbour. Yes its named after the location of the head office of one of the first companies todo the stunt.

  12. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang in what country to they have to claim the income. This is where proxy comes in. The shocker is I can claim the donation in one country and the income in a tax haven. Welcome to globally shocking tax law. Why the software that was donated was bought from the tax haven.

    So no it does not end up cost incurred. If you believe it ends up cost incurred you have only read accountancy books that don’t cover globalisation tax effects.

  13. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang in fact it possible to take a item worth zero dollars and give it to a charity for thousands of dollars as long as that zero dollar item could be sold for thousands of dollars in the normal market.

    Yes the tax laws globally have flaws. Now not all companies exploit those flaws.

  14. wolfgang says:

    …oiaohm still misses boat…

    something donated or sold where the fair market value is used as a deductible value also incurs a revenue value based on the cost of the item. So if Microsoft donates a billion dollars worth of window to pogson school, they can claim a billion dollar deduction, but they also have to claim an income for the same amount since they made it and end up with only the cost incurred. maybe that hurts oiaohm head so that he cannot see, but that just tough. see below where how to look oiaohm up in dictionary.

  15. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang no you made claims Microsoft pays tax. Microsoft is in fact a huge tax avoider.

    wolfgang production cost of on-line supply of software is a few dollars.

    Sorry to say you are miss using the word cost. Recommend Retail price is not reclaiming cost. Cost has very clear meanings. A company reclaiming cost or under cost is a run out sale.

    The reality is due to the tax codes I can have a item that costs me 5 dollars to make and donate it for many thousands of dollars and be legal. Its a loop hole in most tax systems. As long as I can sell that item I can produce for 5 dollars to the general public at thousands of dollars.

    Basically learn some basic tax before keep on digging your self in deeper. Cost in accounting has very particular meanings.

    Without using a proxy in the middle Microsoft would be required to get each of the charitable organisations to sign off on recommend retail price as the price the item was donated at.

    The proxy is techsoup global at the moment. Basically Microsoft is running many different methods to reduce their tax bill.

  16. wolfgang says:

    …oiaohm still sputters….

    oiaohm says Microsoft uses proxy to control prices of the donation. oiaohm talking through hat and all nonsense at that. only thing Microsoft can do in usa, in Australia, in Luxembourg, or anywhere else is take business expense for cost of what was donated. sometimes cannot even do that. cannot take big deduction when no cost. oiaohm still stepping on tongue with more and more confused claims. maybe trying to hide from saying that sales of product not important to business, only money spent for developers.

  17. oiaohm says:
    wolfgang please note USA law also read fair market value for donations not cost of production. So just like Australia and UK and other places the donation price Microsoft gets to claim back on tax in the USA is the recommend retail.

    wolfgang only decent companies claim cost of production on donations.

  18. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang how it has been done is simple. Microsoft has a charity between the schools and them. Microsoft as a company never directly donates anything. They use proxy to control prices of the donation. Is in fact about a USA issue not Australia.

    In fact not all companies. All closed source companies who happen to be member of seam to be in the tax avoidance game.

    Just because others are doing it does not make Microsoft a non guilty party.

    wolfgang Australian law allows parallel imports Microsoft contracts forbid it to the point of blocking activation. The Australian government in fact recommends using USA proxy sites to get cheaper prices where possible.

    Its not that Australians are dumb bunnies at all we are being forced to do stupid things to get decent pricing. Dumb bunnies would not worked out they were being ripped off.

  19. wolfgang says:

    …Microsoft avoiding tax…
    maybe Microsoft managers smarter than aussies, eh? so what? articles say all companies do same thing. loophole must be due to EU rules built by idiots. only fair anyway with EU fining Microsoft billions for putting media player in windows. win a few lose a few.
    just more smokescreen anyway to try to hide stupid oiaohm idea that Microsoft can give away copies of software to schools and deduct retail price. not working at all. idea that stupid shine through any amount of smoke.

  20. wolfgang says:

    …oiaohm says aussies pay too much…

    maybe all aussies dumb bunnies like oiaohm. big buyer got clout with suppliers. maybe government officials getting some extra help from suppliers to agree to bad deal, don’t know, don’t care. has nothing to do with taxes.

    taxes for windows profits have nothing to do with laws regulating trusts either.
    oiaohm either complete fool about tax deductions for corporations or think wolfgang too stupid to see through smokescreen. oiaohm wrong either case.

  21. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang personally I would love to pay 4.5 percent tax or less like Microsoft does.

  22. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang ok for a few global examples of Microsoft avoiding tax.
    The reality here is nasty.

    Every country Microsoft is operating in they are doing something to avoid paying tax.

  23. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang really the Australian Tax man has not been happy with Microsoft a lot. Same with the Australian government.,australia-tax-confirmed-it-pricing-report-released.aspx

    66 percent more just because you are in Australia that not particular fun.

    Contribution vs Cost of Manufacture. Australian laws over this point are written after UK laws that allow cost Contribution and don’t mandate a donation has to be at cost of Manufacture. Sorry the cannot deduct market value is only true in some countries. Most companies are nice enough for donations to only request back Cost of Manufacture not Market Value in countries that have the older UK common law base still in tax system. Microsoft is in fact the exception to the rule and exploits tax systems that allow it.

    wolfgang reality in Australia we have a lot of tax system loop holing and attempting to close those loop holes is hard because the people using the loop holes also fund political campaigns. Sorry I am in Australia wolfgang I understand how horrible the system is here.

    This crackdown on trust would have effected Microsoft donatec system. So Donatec system is no more and a new system is now running using another avoidance method. This is the 4 time Microsoft has changed the system to keep ahead of the Australian Tax Office. Australia is not the only country where Microsoft is doing this.

    wolfgang Australia is wrong in more ways than one. I can buy a free copy of windows every year because my dominate OS is Linux. Same with people running OS X prior to 2013 when there was a long last a OS X application. Why I need windows to submit tax return. Funny enough must be Windows 7 or older. So a person with Windows 8 can buy a copy of Windows 7.

    Also what is fun on OS X screen res of retina or anyone with a vision problem “E-tax is not designed for use with large fonts.” Basically horrible.

  24. ram says:

    The other day I bought two computer cards from a Chinese company. It gives me 1920 CUDA cores running with 4GB of DDR5 memory. Haven’t completed the full set of benchmarks yet, but that single (cheap, less than $1000) Linux box is cranking along at around 40 double precision GFLOPS, or so. That is an enormous amount of grunt for not much money.

    Low end, high end Linux rules!

  25. wolfgang says:

    …inventive oiaohm…

    very interesting…but total used stuffed cabbage.

    oiaohm the tax man is just as inventive, but doomed to failure. cannot deduct market value for contribution, just cost to manufacture. child know that, but not oiaohm. will probably say that tax man in australia is ok with that. beginning to think oiaohm never been to australia.

  26. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang samsung spends as much money alone on Developers working on Linux as Microsoft does on Windows. Even so this is cheaper for Samsung than having to pay Microsoft licensing. You go into supercomputer and companies like Google and facebook. Both employ very large teams of Developers working on Linux.

    wolfgang I did not say the future was particularly bright in a Linux world for all job types. Google model with Android the amount spent on sales people has been in fact quite low.

    Linux does more than save samsung money. As a hardware company with Linux samsung can reach inside the Linux kernel and alter how the kernel works to suit their hardware. Sorry wolfgang Redhat is in fact a small fish in the Linux World. The big fish are in fact makers and designers of hardware right from the silicon level.

    Again when you look at redhat they put a lot of money into the sharp end than Microsoft.

    The paying taxs bit Microsoft is one of the biggest tax avoiders on earth. You don’t have to look very much more than the cheap software programs for charities and the like. Even that software provided by electronic means costs nothing to produce Microsoft gets a sub company to charge a management fee then they write the donation up as full retail price. There are many countries where Microsoft pays no Tax. Yes shocking reality right Redhat pays more tax than Microsoft. Redhat does not do tax avoidance stunts.

  27. wolfgang says:

    …oiaohm change mind…

    now say money matter, but sales do not matter, only expenses for developers. must want to be developer!!!! Microsoft spends much money on developers, make thousands of multi-millionaires out of developers over 30 years in business. gates not hire at minimum wage, that certain.

    also pay lots of money for salesmans, keep airlines and mariott in business. pay lots of money for managers, too. maybe more than developers even. not many billionaire developers I think.
    pay lots of taxes, too, enough to build new aircraft carrier even each year.
    still profits left for stockholder.
    none of that from Linux supplier like red hat. so say not much money in selling Linux license like selling windows license.
    all Linux do is save big company like Samsung license fees, and that not even for Linux, just for android for phone and tablet. windows make world go round and round and many people grateful.

  28. dougman says:

    “no point in trying to educate oiaohm anymore”

    Great, does this mean you will leave your desk and run along outside now?

  29. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang you can see the difference very clearly when you get the list of companies providing developers to the Linux kernel and what they are working on. Like samsung developers recently submitting a patch to address a ACPI issue with laptops that only ever shipped with Windows. Something is more than wrong wolfgang. You are have a incorrect presume that a Windows installed laptop sold is not funding Linux development. You can see repeated cases of patches going into the Linux kernel pre release of Windows laptops to support LInux as well.

    The reality is a shocker.

  30. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang I did not say money does not matter in business. It does matter in business. The key fact is where it being spent more than how much you receive in.

    Again wolfgang attempting to put words in my mouth. I said how much money Microsoft gets from sales does not matter. Its how much of that money makes it to future software development.

    Its that I have more business sense that you is the issue.

    wolfgang if you compare the sharp end being the funds currently invested in OS development. Linux world is spending 14 times more than Microsoft.

    Now I have a nice little problem for your wolfgang where is all that money coming from to fund the Linux development. Its funny its not PC sales. Its PC parts sales. So every one of those Windows PC you are buying a percentage of that sales price is disappearing into developing LInux from different hardware companies. The problem here there is very little losses.

    A computer with or without windows is funding Linux.

    You can media spin and do everything else Microsoft is doing but this does not help long term. The problem is this high investment in Linux is starting to pay off with very advanced solutions.

    Basically the Linux funding model is different to Windows. Less markups and less middle men taking their chops with the Linux funding model. If you are paying your own developers are you going to take 40+percent off the top.

  31. wolfgang says:

    …oiaohm say money not matter in business…

    no point in trying to educate oiaohm anymore, I guess. if his judgment so impaired as to come to that conclusion, no hope at all. look in dictionary for fubar, says see oiaohm.

    anyway, system work fine for wolfgang.

  32. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang reality long term it does not matter who gets more money when a PC is sold. This is the hardest thing for all the MS trolls to get.

    The future will be won by the one that can put the most resources into development.

    Get the problem yet Wolfgang. The metric you use to measure Microsoft success is not the important one. Linux world a growing developer pool. Embedded, In car, Servers, Phones, Desktop. They are not all in dependant. Tizen in car is in fact using the same interface backend as future Linux distributions will use.

    I do not have trouble reading at all. I am not foolish. Exactly how does paying dividen or funding bill gates to build a huge house…. Help the future of the Windows OS? The answer is a lot of the Money going to Microsoft does not go to the sharp end.

  33. wolfgang says:

    …arguments disregarding Android…

    sure thing. arguments not even about using android. argument about google not get money when someone sell Linux pc, if even happen, and Microsoft always get money when winows pc sold. maybe you have trouble reading.

  34. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang virtual machine android is far better behaved than virtual machining Windows. See the hazard yet. Android is crossing the magic 10 percent. This means common applications will start having to be ported. This has include Microsoft Office. Android is not like OS X where Linux user cannot get a legal license. Android is also not like Windows where Linux users will have to pay a major license to run instances.

    Basically all your arguments wolfgang is complete disregarding how android can be used and the applications currently appearing with ports.

  35. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang the interesting point is a memo form Microsoft points out that Microsoft has not released any data that Microsoft is making anywhere near decent money from Android patents when you allow for all the other Patents Microsoft is having to pay.

    wolfgang there is a huge difference between Windows and Linux solutions. Since the source code is open with Linux more parties are free to work on it. So a party managing a distribution this includes Android from google does not need as much direct income because they don’t have to employ the huge number of program staff.

    wolfgang basically what is profitable for a Linux based/open source solution would send a closed source solution bankrupt.

    There is quite a lot of effort and budget put into advertising Linux for servers and embed and phones. Desktop will come ok maybe not the way you are expecting.
    Tizen in cars interesting right.

    3.15 upcoming Linux kernel is to include DRM rendernodes by default. This is in fact double hit. 1 remote desktops being rendered on local gpu cards without using non-standard graphical stack on Linux will become possible. rendernodes also make it more possible to pass a full context to a virtual machine.

    The reality Linux world is working on invading from all sides. Now if the Linux world can get above 10 percent share (this comes from history of Apple) Common applications will be ported.

  36. wolfgang says:

    …google money from Samsung…

    that wenig money, not groß money like gates get, even from Samsung to use windows patents. you cute trying to slice hair to show fact in what you say.

    lots of people avoid paying fee to use Linux stuff, I say too. my TV use Linux, my modem maybe use Linux, maybe someday toaster, too. but using Linux not a business. selling Linux is business but teeny compared to selling windows business. pull knot out of shorts.

  37. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang in Australia its common to buy a mobile phone outright for 200 dollars you can also do the equal in the UK. They are all what we call no brands. Agora is a kogan shop brand not a officially pushed brand by anyone. But this price is no different to what we find in havery norman a retail out let here for their shop brands what can be the same maker as Agora, Most of these no-brands are foxcom if you did under it. Foxcom is in fact the biggest maker of Android phones. Samsung is in fact second.

    Most like you never have gone to a store with no name devices.

    wolfgang google does get some money from Samsung for certification of each model for Google Play access and use of Android trademark. So its a lie that Samsung is not paying a fee for the Usage of Android. It is just a very small fee. Same applies to foxcomm.

    The big thing I like about the no major brand androids is most of them are duel sim card where most of the brand name phones a single sim card. For business its great you can have a personal and a work sim in at the same time.

    Mexicans are most likely like Australians where the no major brand phones is the dominate phones in the market.

  38. wolfgang says:

    …oiaohm sputter…
    Samsung use android without paying fee. maybe make even more money if google do better job and Samsung not have to work so hard, but that not the point. google doesn’t get money from Samsung and gates gets money from Samsung. gates better off.
    also, nexus only cost 200 dollars and beat cheap 200 dollar smart phone to death. never see 200 cheap smartphone anywhere either. maybe in jungle country.

  39. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang non major brand android 200 dollars gets you a 7 inch outright.

  40. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang really it depends if you want a name brand phone or not.

    Samsung since starting to make Android phones has employed a stack of staff to work full time on Linux. So its not that samsung is paying nothing to use Android.

    wolfgang main reason with me having having a smart phone here is having the option of 15 cents un-timed calls where I can get wifi free by voip. There are more voip services if you use android.

  41. wolfgang says:

    missing some facts here. smart phone not cheap if buy outright, cost more than laptop. smart phone cheap if buy with plan from service supplier. Then pay through nose on contract with service guy, maybe way more than $1000 for contract term.
    wolfgang wife have iPhone because friends have iPhone an have to have sent from my iPhone at end of email always or will be disgraced at mah jong meeting. data plan $50 per month and can’t quit for more than year yet.

    wolfgang smarter than that. use nexus for internet at free sites all over town and use $49 flip phone with pre-pay for few phone calls and text messages needed. phone over 3 years old now and pay about $200 for talk and still have more than $60 left. phone take lousy picture, but nexus take nice one. not take nexus too much even, only to boring inlaws or long line at social security office where wifi in building.

  42. wolfgang says:

    …laugh today…

    oiaohm says he laugh a lot too, but not want to look behind smiley face. what see is that kindle sell a lot, but like razor, money come from selling blades or books to read. people not all that big on using kindle for computer. Samsung make money hand over fist from Android devices, other companies make close to break even some day if market improve. Samsung probably make money with whatever they use, even windows. Chromebook not such big hit either. laugher own cite says less than 1% worldwide near bottom. maybe laugher not have staying power to read whole article and just look at pictures.

    anyway laugher miss point. gates rich from selling windows. others, like Samsung, rich from selling phones and not paying for android. no bill gates for android system, just cost to google for keeping ball rolling I think.

  43. dougman quoth, “They’re starting to make many of us realize how non-essential a $1000 laptop is becoming.”

    Yep. The desktop box was shown to be non-essential when notebooks came along and now the notebook is being overtaken by tablest/smartphones. These stages of succession are comming at an increasing rate. The notebook took, what, a decade to supplant the desktop? The notebook was supplanted in just a few years of small cheap computers. When speech-to-text is perfected, the notebooks will all go to museums. I expect the future will be some combination of all-in-ones or wireless everything: display, keyboard, mouse, mike, …

  44. dougman says:

    “Microsoft’s next big headache”

    “Chromebooks accounted for 21% of commercial U.S. notebook sales last year”

    “the PC industry’s growth has gone flatter than a map drawn in the Dark Ages”

    “Smartphones and tablets are becoming more powerful, and the PC is becoming less important for our daily needs”

    “They’re starting to make many of us realize how non-essential a $1000 laptop is becoming. And they can compete with most of the cheaper laptops. That’s probably what scares Microsoft most.”

  45. dougman says:

    “nobody really gets rich running Linux kernel”…best laugh today

    I see Kindle’s, Chromebooks and Android devices are selling extremely well….NOPE, no profit there.

    Hell, even Microsh1t gets some dollars from each sell of Android due to patent extortion. $2B annually is no profit either.

    Wolfie be smoking something.

  46. wolfgang says:

    …count Samsung tvs…

    interesting thought, I think. nobody really get rich running Linux kernel somewhere. on other hand, Microsoft get richer than king farouk when someone running windows somewhere. best that Linux can do is reduce bill gates many billions to bill gates lot of billions. only person care about that is bill gates and he doesn’t seem worried.

    bill gates not so different look than Alfred e newman either. both say what me worry?

  47. wolfgang says:

    …genie out of bottle…

    world better place with more toys definitely. your theory suppose that without smart phone, more pcs bought and so more windows bought. no proof of that. maybe with no cell phone, stingy mexican just do without. on other hand, maybe rich mexican have pc and smart phone, too. pc and phone not same thing, but you saying they are.

  48. kurkosdr says:

    Isn’t “*/Linux” is a bit misleading. Android and dekstop linux aren’t the same platform. The apps are different, everything above the kernel is different. Why not count Samsung TVs that run linux in there too?

  49. wolfgang, apparently lacking imagination or tactical awareness, wrote, “so mexicans now using more cell phones. big whoop.”

    Not long ago, here, trolls were telling us that smart thingies could not possibly replace legacy PCs. They were wrong. This is a big deal in Mexico and much of the world. M$ miserably failed to lock in the world which wanted and valued mobility. All M$ had to offer were bigger and more expensive PCs when the world really wanted small cheap PCs. I’ll concede that we old guys are not going to do everything on a smartphone but lots of young/poor people may use a smartphone and never have an urge to buy a legacy PC no matter how much advertising M$ does. Remember when Bill said if folks were going to use software illegally, it was OK as long as it was his? Well now the world is using legally software that’s not his in a big way. Bill’s boat is sinking. He and all the salesmen at M$ will never again be able to fool large numbers of people into believing there’s no choice but M$’s software running the machine. That might have been true two years ago, but that idea was buried last year and 2014 looks to be a repeat of 2013 with a vengeance. People who never really hated M$ now see how expensive and ugly that other OS was compared to stuff you can buy for ~$100 and fit in a shirt pocket. Wintel cannot compete with FLOSS on ARM for most consumers. My grand daughter is using Android and GNU/Linux PCs more than she uses that other OS or MacOS. She doesn’t care about the OS, I guess but she knows a PC is a PC no matter what software is on it. You can bet that I will thoroughly teach her about GNU/Linux sooner rather than later. Millions of others who know M$ is not the end all of computing are now raising children with similar opportunities/Freedom. There’s no way M$ can put the genie of Freedom back in the bottle.

  50. wolfgang says:

    so mexicans now using more cell phones. big whoop.

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