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Stuff Hits The Fan In USA

First it was the NSA spying on everyone. Now the CIA runs rough-shod over the rights of citizens in USA“Besides the constitutional implications, the CIA’s search may also have violated the Fourth Amendment, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, as … Continue reading

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Yet Another Gaming Company Goes Natively To GNU/Linux

Isn’t positive feedback great?“Crytek’s games can already be played on the open-source operating system with the help of WineHQ or a suitable emulator – but being able to run the software directly, thus avoiding any translation layers acting as speed … Continue reading

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Google Docs and Sheets Get Smarter

Google Docs is useful but yesterday it became more useful and extensible: “today we’re launching add-ons—new tools created by developer partners that give you even more features in your documents and spreadsheets.” With a public API and folks already busy … Continue reading

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