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Time To Fire M$, Not Your IT Guy

I had to laugh at this article which suggests folks should be fired for not taking their organizations on the next step of the Wintel treadmill.“Those who haven’t started yet probably should be fired for leaving their businesses open to … Continue reading

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If Beast Died Tomorrow, Chromebook 2 Could Be Its Replacement

Beast is fine. It’s old, but still kicking. It boots. It edits. It searches. It networks. Beast’s CPU is way over-sized for what I do and I do a lot. 99% of the time it idles. Every few weeks I … Continue reading

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Flaws In People And Their Software

In comments about an article on a recently fixed vulnerability in GNU/Linux systems was this gem: “In my opinion the skill and dedication of those who write the software are the most important factors in preventing vulnerabilities, not the type … Continue reading

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M$: We Can’t Beat ‘Em, So We’re Going To Snow ‘Em

Ghandi was right. When they fight you, you win…“In an internal memo sent to Microsoft employees Nadella said that the core focus of company is going to be advertising and not software development. He clarified that by advertising he didn’t … Continue reading

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