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Dell, Again

Every now and then I visit Dell.ca to check on the progress of Freedom. It’s getting better, but just a little. Just choose “For Work” and “Desktops and workstations”. You can get exactly 1 choice in “desktops and workstations” if … Continue reading

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Wikipedia: Decline Or Maturity?

My recent migration to Debian Jessie, which required fixing my local tweaks for web-applications ended with some examination of Wikipedia, of which I have a snapshot from 2004 or so. I have edited it a lot and customized it for … Continue reading

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New ICT Curriculum In Indian Schools

“The requirements of the curricula are not to be hardware or software speci c. Undoing the general trend of limiting software to office applications, which are not only ill suited for educational purposes but also tend to narrow down the view … Continue reading

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