EC Doesn’t Plan To Get Off The Wintel Treadmill Soon

“The EC has reassessed its office automation strategy resulting in three ‘tracks’. First, to ensure business continuity, the EC will continue to rely on the same proprietary solutions that it currently uses. Second, the EC will also seek "positive disruption through alternative technologies, solutions and/or delivery models at different levels of the product stack, on a scale to be decided on a case-by-case basis." The third track is "aimed at preparing the ground for the next call for tenders for the office automation platform, which will be carried out in full service mode and will therefore be product-independent."”Better late than never, I guess, but vendor lock-in is like digging a hole. The longer you keep at it the worse the problem gets. Why plan to keep digging deeper??? Clearly the twits running IT in the EC don’t understand the principles. M$ does. By the time the next procurement cycle starts M$ may make the cost of converting all the data and removing all the lock-in many times more difficult. Why give M$ the opportunity to do that? It’s just not a sound defence. M$ is attacking the EC with every means at their disposal. Kill them off and be done with them or they may find a way to make it impossible to escape.

One of the excuses for sticking a while longer with M$’s office suite is support for languages. This is laughable because LibreOffice is superior

It’s not that hard. Dictate that LibreOffice and FireFox be installed next week and you’re almost there. Concentrate on the few remaining problems and then wipe and replace that other OS and run GNU/Linux. Done.

See MEP: 'EC procurement practice blocks European firms' | Joinup.

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4 Responses to EC Doesn’t Plan To Get Off The Wintel Treadmill Soon

  1. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang the reality at the moment is the people with Android or IOS only will over take PC owners.

    The claim nothing happens is not true its just you being head in sand.

    wolfgang lot of those companies stuck on XP have very little choice in the matter. The stupidity you stated with Express and CE has in fact caught a lot of them. Yes they paid for some custom applications to be made. Now there is no clean migration path forwards really I don’t know who you have been talking to.

    The path forwards out of this XP mess is host desktop envornments where you can run the XP secured to support legacy applications until funds can be found to replace them for ever or patch up wine to run those legacy applications.

    Once you start hosting XP desktops on server to deal with legacy is only a small step to decide to host the new Windows 7 and 8 on the server as well. So when legacy comes around on those you are ready.

    This is all about the 5 to 10 years planing into the future wolfgang. Companies are seeing Windows desktop OS on a PC as a hazard with poor legacy support. This is a big change in point of view with the end of life of XP.

    Yes server hosted desktops are coming more common. Working 3d acceleration on hosted desktops is also becoming more common. This is the problem the difference between hosted and local is getting less.

    wolfgang at company level the response is being very different. Companies have been burnt with XP and items like SQL Server Express and SQL Server CE.

  2. wolfgang says:


    have not used xp since vista. have not used vista since win7. now using win8.(.1) now i’m not babe in woods, despite opinion of oiaohm. been around the track many laps and none of this happens. new OS comes out and we eventually get new computers with new windows. no problems since everyone given ribbon years ago.

    new guy come in and if not replacing old guy gets new computer with new packages from it man. no body paying much attention to problems since don’t have problems.

    if company still using xp, then maybe they have new problem, but they had old problems amyway with such old crappy computers. who want to work there?

  3. wolfgang wrote, “ec just not taking your sage advice. easy for department to keep same stuff instead of turning place upside down with change.”

    XP is nearing EOL. Define “easy”. Without the source code or frequent re-imaging of hard drives, what are the options for anyone, with or without competent IT staff? A typical department may be able to struggle on a while but bit-rot sets in and re-imaging just puts back the same old vulnerabilities and bugs. It’s not easy to survive cancer without treatments. It can happen. Do you feel lucky? Well, do you, punk? (quoting Dirty Harry) Hint: the punk always loses, either freedom or life/limb. I really did try to keep my last school going on XP. It wasn’t possible. The original installation media were lost/stolen/missing… Think a business will be productive going back to SP3 or some later snapshot? Groundhog Day… How many “departments” have kept every download they ever made from M$ for XP? How many have a perfect image? There may be some but they are the lucky/few/cursed.

  4. wolfgang says:

    …very interesting…
    ec just not taking your sage advice. easy for department to keep same stuff instead of turning place upside down with change. How many bosses will want to do the change if they do not have to? none, I think.

    no one want to upset apple cart. maybe sell open source idea to Ukraine. they broke anyway and have no choice.

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