Debian’s Next Release Takes Shape

According to Debian, the release-critical bug count of their testing distribution is now better than the Wheezy relase I now use… Is it time to apt-get dist-upgrade? I’ve already done that a couple of times in a virtual machine with no problems. It will likely work for me in a real machine.

See Release-critical bugs status.

UPDATE I did it. I upgraded to Jessie. There were a few messages on the screen but I didn’t even write them down. The system is running smoothly and I’ve checked all my usual applications. Now to see if it will reboot. It should. I installed a Debian kernel just in case the one I have been building is somehow incompatible with Jessie.


Well, that was interesting. The Debian kernel did not boot but the one I built locally did… I’ve also found that the XFCE4 weather plugin is not working. Nope. It just needed reminding where I live. It’s prettier than ever. How about those temperatures? It surely beats the 20 degrees lower than normal that we’ve been having. I’ll take it.

Oops! On the server side I had lots of breakage. PHP was missing entirely… Several web applications don’t work or had data missing. I have backups…

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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5 Responses to Debian’s Next Release Takes Shape

  1. oiaohm wrote, ” I guess you have not migrated to systemd yet.”

    Systemd is running. I’m not sure what it does except boot and logins but it’s there. I have been issuing SysVinit commands and they work too…

  2. I think I have everything working. The big problem with the Wikimedia script was me changing two things at once and messing up both… Digging around, I found some images were not in the database. I took the opportunity to run a couple of scripts to set things right. It turned out I have several generations of images and filenames don’t always work. Some directories are named whatever.jpg, for instance, so when I was running the scripts I was one directory level out, so I had to do it twice. It’s looking good. There are still a few missing images in the database. That’s my poor maintenance rather than the upgrade to jessie. I haven’t paid much attention over the years. It’s ~300K images. I’ve not automated anything.

  3. oiaohm says:

    Robert Pogson I guess you have not migrated to systemd yet. I have done a few trial runs but have not switched over on that bit yet.

    ssorborn my desktop machine runs debian testing all the time. Compare to windows systems the number of breakages of the debian are quite min.

  4. ssorbom wrote, “Especially on a a server….”

    Yes. That’s where I have all kinds of customizations. The things that went wrong were links mostly. For instance, Apache has some configs that look like this, +that, -thoseothers and it now won’t start unless each item in the list has no +/- or every one has a +/-. That requires some edits but it works eventually. I have no idea how PHP disappeared though… I must have slept through that message. Anyway it just takes a few minutes to get most of it working. I still have my local copy of Wikipedia not working. At first I had text but no images, so I added the correct link. Now I get permission denied. Puzzling… I think I didn’t fix the +/- issue correctly… It will work eventually. I didn’t lose any data. I just misplaced it.

    UPDATE: I have PHP working, my local search engine working, my recipe database, but still two PHP scripts are not quite right, Wikipedia and phpBB (won’t accept my password… Turned out I was using the wrong username…). These are fixable and not urgent. phpMyAdmin works fine, so I think it’s just a small tweaking needed.

  5. ssorbom says:

    Maybe I shall follow your lead soon then.
    I must say though, you are brave to do that before a feature freeze is in place. Especially on a a server….

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