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LinuxQuestions Counts 33 Million Downloads Of GNU/Linux

Cool, eh? I remember when LinuxQuestions started out. They were a valuable resource for all those newbies out there. I was one once. Then I helped a bunch of newbies in return. That’s how the LQ community has grown to … Continue reading

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Debian’s Next Release Takes Shape

According to Debian, the release-critical bug count of their testing distribution is now better than the Wheezy relase I now use… Is it time to apt-get dist-upgrade? I’ve already done that a couple of times in a virtual machine with … Continue reading

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EC Doesn’t Plan To Get Off The Wintel Treadmill Soon

“The EC has reassessed its office automation strategy resulting in three ‘tracks’. First, to ensure business continuity, the EC will continue to rely on the same proprietary solutions that it currently uses. Second, the EC will also seek "positive disruption … Continue reading

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Death Of XP: Romania

“A former Romanian secretary of state, Constantin Teodorescu, is calling on the country’s public administrations to switch to Linux and other open source solutions. "The Romanian government should contact the budgetary heads at all public administrations and explain that they … Continue reading

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