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Remember the “good old days” when M$ spread FUD far and wide about FLOSS and GNU/Linux costing more than Wintel?“By switching to free and open source, the government of the Canary Islands in Spain continues to reduce its ICT costs. The government has already lowered the costs for server and workstation operating systems and other software solutions by 25.4 per cent, reports Roberto Moreno, director of the archipelago’s Department for Telecom and New Technologies, and further cost reductions are expected. "The costs went down from 1,006,500 euro per year down to 750,000 euro per year." They would have a hard time doing that today because so many governments, organizations have reported huge savings and a modest effort required to migrate. Imagine how much money governments around the world would have saved in the last decade if they had migrated much earlier. IT has grown a lot since then so the savings would have been enormous. There are governments that spend $hundreds of millions if not $billions on IT annually.

There are many alive today who do remember and that FUD damaged what little reputation M$ had with us long ago. I did migrations in schools that cost less than one week’s effort to keep XP free of malware. We got return on investment instantly. TCO was something like a few dollars per PC to switch to GNU/Linux. Maintenance costs plunged. I wonder what folks are doing to see only a ~25% reduction…

See The Canaries continue to save with open source.

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