Shuttleworth and MySQL

“I think Oracle have been an excellent steward of MySQL, with real investment and great quality. Appreciating and celebrating that doesn’t detract from our willingness to engage elsewhere. I think the tendency to imagine conspiracies and malfeasance is one of the sadder aspects of OSS [open-source software] culture. Don’t feed it.”Mark Shuttleworth and Canonical are going to keep MySQL from Oracle as the goto database. Oracle has made some moves to help Debian-based distros use MySQL by providing proper repositories.

That’s all good but Oracle has done plenty to hurt the FLOSS community. Lest we forget:

  • Driving out What was that about? It certainly was not helpful and probably delayed development by a year. LibreOffice took up the slack. Why would the FLOSS community turn back to a less Free licence?
  • Then there’s the Java thing. How much has the world invested in Java only to have Oracle make life very difficult by stifling development? They even sued Google over using the API in Android… Is Oracle mad? Shouldn’t the world flee in fear of a company pushing an open standard and then suing people who use it?
  • Then there’s MySQL. Both Oracle and Mariadb are somewhat restrictive about documentation. Oracle does not permit more than one copy for personal use and Mariadb mostly provides a website. That’a business-plan. I get that. Mariadb is frankly better at least for 5.5. Perhaps 5.6 is superior from Oracle but I don’t give credit to a supplier of FLOSS who is so miserable in other areas. Personally, I think it is quite possible that in the future Oracle will eliminate the FLOSS version of MySQL. Mariadb will be the only game in town then. Is that paranoia? Did I imagine Oracle is out to get us (, Java)? Why would they not mess arond with MySQL? I have a PostgreSQL database running just to be ready and I’m already running MariaDB.

See Shuttleworth says Ubuntu is sticking with MySQL.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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  1. oiaohm says:

    Yes using SQL CE having your solution break means you will not get future contracts wolfgang because someone else will be employed to replace your solution.

    There quality provide to clients is critical in business. SQL CE normally does not land in that camp.

  2. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang come to Australia and deal with some of the software for government departments and enterprises here. After some of the stuff up in software acquirement there are payments for 5 years of effective operation. Ok maybe not your section of world. Yes it integrated support and repair contracts. If it breaks you have to repair it if it does not your get bonus on top for not costing them downtime. Yes you have to tender for the fact the application will work for 5 years. If you don’t you will not win the tender.

    wolfgang basically its you being novice again thinking that software acquirement contracts are universal world wide. Australia does match up to some of the asian countries software aquirement with required support contracts and bonus if the support contract does not have to be called on.

    Your claim about no one make a contract with a bonus at 5 years on software is false. Maybe its not german todo this.

    sql lite work just fine for me too with c#, but why bother when sql ce available.
    Novice answer. I have said why. SQL CE does not include long term stable interfaces. Firebasesql, sqllite do contain stable same with many others.

    Now for something you don’t have to provide 5 to 10 years support on and have the liability of having to fix when it breaks maybe then you might consider SQL CE.

    Software provide to government here is not out door forget about it.

    Now you say report is a once off. Are you sure. This is a big problem.

    Mine I had to be dealing with MS office formats while being MS Office independent. The fun part of the machine that your program is going to run on might contain MS Office 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and worse none of the before. That tells you its been a few years. No 2013.

    I will tell you a little what my program is. Translating road works data from councils to companies doing the roadworks and back again. Yes all use excel files. All use different format excel files. Lovely right. Yes the program has to work correctly for many years. Yes that includes data on road deterioration. Yes printing reports performing queries and all those extras are required.

    Yes oledb solution not an option. .net solution not an option. Solution required to be stand alone.

    I will also take you back to your statement.
    I like the SQL server compact or engine. use for free for anything that ordinary schmo want to do and free tools too.
    This just does not hold.

  3. wolfgang says:

    sql lite work just fine for me too with c#, but why bother when sql ce available?
    I have other projects that office independent, too. use oledb to read data if not needed to output in office file formats. big database from Medicare comes as excel file for national available advantage plans containing prices and prescription coverages so can look up best plan for patient.
    I laugh out loud at where you complain that I did not give you complete specs for my program but you call me novice and stupid for what I use anyway. when I call you clumsy mule you cry to Pogson.
    you sound like big phony. no one make contract to pay bonus 5 years after delivery. you make stuff up out of thin air and pull from hat.

  4. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang you know this is a English blog yet you keep on writing stuff in german. Come on basic words like outsider in german there is no excuse for that. By the way I do read german and have been letting your insults slide. Maybe I should translate them for Robert and ask him to ban you.

    wolfgang Please go back to your starting statement.
    I like the SQL server compact or engine. use for free for anything that ordinary schmo want to do and free tools too.

    The reality I don’t have to use mysql embedded all the time. If I need something light it most likely would be firebirdsql (yes open source)again something with 10 years support and a auto included option to use a external current version firebirdsql server if the embedded version busts.

    I have used java and apache poi for a company requirement. Reason why I did not use COM to execl simple I had to be MS Office independent. Options were embed a full Openoffice/Libreoffice or use apache poi. Difference is my little excel read and produce a report had to work for at least 5 years without issues. Bonus paid after 5 years of operation is achieved.

    Sorry wolfgang contract programming for enterprise. You get more jobs and extra payments if your stuff does not stuff up due to stupid errors like you were suggesting.

    wolfgang the mysql point comes from what robert has grabbed in the past todo simple things. Yes it over kill to use Mysql for lots of things but it dependable.

    .net that you were doing your example in is managed code as well.

    I like the SQL server compact or engine. use for free for anything that ordinary schmo want to do and free tools too.
    Prove you statement true or walk way wolfgang. Its put up or shut up time. You said anything this include programs that remain in use for 10+ years.

    I can build programs that will last 10+ years with quite min effort. Mostly because I do select the right parts to start off with. .Net out MS Office out Sql Server CE and Express out.

    Full MS SQL server is a possible if the job is large enough and there are other requirements suiting MS SQL Server yes the full server has the 10 years of compatibility.

    Java has returned in business because business are sick of update .net and have their custom enterprise apps break.

    Now you are saying your job is too small for Mysql too large for SQLite. The databases that should automatically cross your mind in that case is firebirdsql and berkleydb. Both very heavily used both with long term support.

    wolfgang sorry no one should call you back to consult. You don’t know the topic at alls because you have only done it at novice level. Did I have full exact details of your complete project. No I did not. So its safer to aim a little too large in database function than a little too small.

    The one thing from contract coding you learn the customer will normally ask for something small then ask for extensions. That is when it hurts to have chosen something like CE and it turns out to be too small and you have no budget for full sql server.

  5. wolfgang says:

    …MySQL is C++…

    ach die tragödie! what an esel you be! stupid to take simple applet to query excel spreadsheet contents and turn into career. need to run in managed code. mysql is außenseiter. no one ever call you back for consult I think.

  6. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang there are a huge list of different databases with 10 years+ of interface stability. Even in embedded you have a selection of perfectly suitable databases. Just in embedded basically if you had also just looked up the wikipedia you would have notice mysql does in fact have an embedded form. Like this is classic MariaDB it self does not have embedded but for us using java there is a sub form exists. Again in the mysql ecosystem. +10 years of interface stability.

    Take the wikipedia short list those who have 10+ years of interface stability.

    Some have change names. InnoDB is now HailDB but current day HailDB is compatible with all prior InnoDB projects. This is a backend out of mysql and using it directly.

    This is the problem wolfgang it does not take long to work out who did not homework and just saw GUI and created an application with no consideration of future issues.

    wolfgang by the way Java JVM has 10 years of binary compatibility .net does not.

    So you fairly much know as soon as you see that some enterprise program is written in .net you are dealing with a person who has not done a long term usage and risk assessment.

    Yes you see a lot of .net reviews comparing SQL Server CE to SQLite. To be correct those are two completely different designed items. SQL Server CE vs Firebird Embedded vs Mysql Embedded are true compares as all are full database servers cut down. Problem here SQL Server CE absolutely loses to firebird embedded on everything bar advertisement. Main reason why not sqlite. The key feature of sqlite is the fact it does not run a separate thread for database management so performance database management when you perform query so slow. SQL Server CE in fact does run a management thread. So those two should never be compared as they are independent classes for independent problems.

    Now if .net developer were not just people who read marketing and take it at face value we might have had some more proper reviews on .net using proper databases against CE showing that repeatedly CE is trash. Only productive use is some form of cache off a SQL Server. Why CE is feature light and for number of features down right ram and cpu consuming. CE is trash wolfgang

    Your program would have run faster if you had chosen one of the long term with the feature set you required used less CPU and Ram.

    Gets better if you had chosen java instead of .net you get to work with excel. So no COM so no MS Office dependency. With ABI stability.

    Yes was truly possible todo what you wanted stand alone. No Microsoft dependency and OS neutral.

    wolfgang the simple problem here you are a novice who does not understand the solutions out there. So without good cause building applications that have to be scrapped.

  7. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang would have paid to read the full thing you were quoting from.

    The comment is 3 years old. The plus 1 comment says the following.
    “The embedded server library is based on the client/server version of MySQL, which is written in C/C++. Consequently, the embedded server also is written in C/C++. There is no embedded server available in other languages”

    It is also 3 years old. Since then .net and java bindings for the C/C++ mysql embedded library have been made. Sorry there is server less mysql and their was server less mysql when the comment was written.

    Basically your quote was incorrect 3 years ago and is incorrect today. Sorry you don’t use google correctly. You are the phony in this case. Trying to dig yourself out with google will only dig yourself in.

    mysql embedded is not the lightest at requiring 4M of ram min.

    Most of the ones listed here are lighter. sqlite is not your only option either. this is one that is commonly overlooked.

  8. wolfgang says:


    there you go again. maybe you smart cookie as you think you are but you screwed the pooch on this one. I look up MySQL embedded along with how to use with c# and all the links reduce to sayings like:

    “If you’re trying to use MySQL without installing MySQL, you’re out of luck. SQLite and SQL Server Compact Edition (see Matthew’s link) are about your only options for using a database without installing a server”

    you are a big phoney and google right about you.

  9. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang are you aware of mysql embedded I guess not.

    Yes something equal to SQL Server CE with stability. Yes mysql embedded is usable from .net. Mysql relations also have targeted forms for just query processing. Postgresql has relations like H2 that use the same syntax as PostgreSQL but as designed to be embedded.

    This is the problem about dealing with a novice they are not aware that Mysql and Postgresql are ecosystems with many solutions that cover your embedded and full server requirements.

    Choosing an access database backend also has issues of being crippled so far its not funny.

    You said SQL server compact or engine for an ordinary schmo. You did not say it was something the ordinary schmo was going to junk in a week or 2. If you are going to junk it in a week or two any garbage that gets the job done works. Sorry I presumes you were talking about a serous program not a temporary joke. Now that you are being called out you are saying it was a temp joke solution. So I was right it was the program is already planned to be garbage.

    This is the key thing about using postgresql embedded relations or mysql embedded relations you might be doing a trivial task but its really simple to include a little bit of code to switch to a full server in a future install if the embedded breaks. Why the interfaces commands you use to embedded are identical to what you use to the full servers and if you have to switch to full servers there is not a massive cost hit.

    Yes it is as trivial setting up a mysql embedded as a SQL Server CE. Difference is one has future compatibility this being mysql and SQL Server CE does not. Both are free to use in your program. This is my problem you are a novice. Experienced should know all the embedded solutions and you don’t.

  10. wolfgang says:

    …wrong and novice…

    you are not paying attention to anything, I think. whole google world think you are dunderhead whether they have right name or not. you have me convinced as well. program not have to stand up for decade anyway, just a week or two.

    any it guy who think should use database engine on trivial task like this is just plain stupid or not paying attention to requirements. which are you?

    could use access database, but .net not support complex queries as well as with CE.

  11. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang really you are not considering long term are you. Everything you have done is wrong and novice.

    Excel COM changes between versions I guess you have not considered this. Then CE changes between versions. Your program have a max 10 year life span.

    wolfgang again incompetent with your response what version management studio express. Please note applications written against a particular version don’t insanity port to the next version. This is the problem.

    Yes you can install some versions of management studio express on windows 8 but you cannot install them all. This is the evil issue. And the ones that you can install are not ensured to work with older programs. I gave a very exact example and you failed to follow it as the incompetent you are.

    wolfgang any good IT management development plan considers 5 to 10 years into the future based of the past 5 to 10 years actives.

    Your compete example is exactly what a novice would do. Completely not considering base ideas. So producing programs that will in time burn their users. There are lot of companies running XP virtual machines due to incompetence in developers like you. Lot of CEO are now getting smarter and will not have idiots like you wolfgang any more. The cost is just too great.

    mysql and postgresql developers are remianing around. Solutions based off libreoffice/openoffice back-ends have also shown long term lasting.

  12. wolfgang says:

    …inexperienced novice…

    maybe, maybe not, but I have my fun with programs. not need management studio with visual studio server explorer tab. plenty good enough for personal tasks.

    right now I make .net program to import multisheet excel document with excel COM interop library and create ce database to make complicated query that not possible with excel. dump result to excel spreadsheet with pdf report using report viewer control, too. piece of pie.

    schafskopf like you maybe fooling around with testing future version of postgres to work with facebook, but I doubt that. facebook not hiring schafskopfs I bet.

    ps, management studio express install just fine on my 8.1 laptop when I just try.

  13. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang so a inexperience novice. Anyone who has used SQL Server CE or Express long term knows they do bite.

    Particularly for personal usage you should avoid them.

    The simple reality you don’t know your topic wolfgang. I can find where Sql Server CE also fails to install. When you change versions of Sql Server CE and Express they are not like Orcale, postgresql, Berkeleydb or mysql that are backwards compatible.

    Heck full Sql Server is backwards compatible it has the old version compatibility layers that are stripped off the SQL Server CE and Express editions since compatibility don’t meant the usage design of those products.

    Yes first feature you should always check in a database is how good its long term compatibility with OS’s is second how stable its interfaces to applications are.

    Sorry your advice is nothing more than that of a incompetent and I can bring more and more documents to prove it.

    Robert Pogson is wiser than you in database selection wolfgang. The reason why Mysql and Postgresql are getting top of heap is not just that they are cheep or open source. The answer is there interfaces are stable. So a postgresql or a mysql using program 10 to 15 years ago can interface perfectly with current day postgresql and mysql today and work perfectly.

    Basically mysql and releations can do anything an ordinary schmo could want todo then more without the failures due to OS upgrades and database version changes.

    Anyone suggesting SQL Server CE or Express for anything long term is a novice who can be berried under a stack of documents from experts proven them as such.

    Only usage I know for SQL Server CE that is valid usage is a cache off a full SQL Server. Why this can be designed into an application to be disabled if the version of SQL Server CE the application is using cannot be installed and go to the true SQL Server.

    Yes SQL Server CE limited valid usages does mean it should be free.

    SQL Server Express is for prototyping to see if your database will work perfectly in what ever the current version of SQL Server without having to use compatibility options.

    See both are doing their roles perfectly. Neither in fact say their role is for ordinary schmo. Incompetent use items different to how they are designed and don’t expect issues.

    wolfgang as I said key features are gone from CE and Express of SQL Server.

    Mysql (and relations) is fairly much the open source world entry level database. Thing is is a proper entry level that will not in time kick you where it hurts.

  14. wolfgang says:

    …enter into battle…

    kind of stupid. what battle you think you are in? you don’t own Oracle, or Enterprise or anything else. if you any good you would be selling what you like, but you here annoying me. act like c. google say you have long history as schafskopf. so no wonder. internet have long memory, so maybe what google report is true and before you more careful. I don’t care myself. not have to run enterprise business or facebook with database either, just little stuff for own pleasure, just like Pogson.

  15. oiaohm says:

    By the way wolfgang you don’t give you identity either. I really do think its funny how many people think I am giving mine.

    By the way I don’t need to be an expert in this case to completely kick you ass.

    SQL Server CE and SQL Server Express don’t scale to facebook size. Mysql and its relations do. Postgresql syntax is close to oracle in supported features and implementation. There is a reason why in 2013 you don’t see much Postgresql in numbers. For a long time clustering support in postgresql equal used third party product.

    Page 16 there is a 2013 out there that reads basically the same. The most deployed database is Mysql or Mysql relations. Then SQL Server, Postgresql(and relations) and Orcale DB fairly much tie. In fact 2013 Postgresql pulls head of both Orcale and SQL Server. So 1 and 2 are in fact Mysql and Postgresql. To get the 2013 numbers you have to pay.

    Note that is SQL Server all of them.

    The 541 group do real ground survey of what companies are using. Gartner as normal works on profit. So Gartner numbers are fairly much worthless to work out how much is really deployed. Also Gartner numbers are worthless to guess how much skilled staff is out their to make your solution.

    wolfgang I can pull in companies with job offers to migrate away from SQL Server CE and Express. So they are trash. They should only be looked at as a stop gap measure. Anyone thinking they are anything else is fooling self. A solution using mysql(relations) or postgresql(relations) these are long term solutions with very limited requirements to ever migrate away.

    wolfgang simply googling for numbers without knowing how they are generated is asking for a but kicking.

    Any major database forum views gartner numbers on databases as the biggest joke going. wolfgang by quoting gartner proves you are a novice database operator with no consideration for long term issues from your selections. Because you are unable todo the homework to tell the difference between crap and good numbers.

  16. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang funny sorry my blog title should tell you something. oiaohm does not exist as my business identity. This is intentional.

    So searching by oiaohm of course is not going to find any of my business activities. Heck even searching by what people believe is my real name is not going to find any of my business activities. I did not enter into battle without planing.

  17. wolfgang says:

    …oiaohm claim to be expert…

    so google for name. look like yo-yo to me. has own blog but not so often.

  18. oiaohm says:

    I think you are only pretending to be expert an user but so what? express and compact all that I need for my little programs. I bet that is lot more than you need ever.
    I have done many enterprise fix ups removing express and compact. I can also give you a list company’s who are currently offering jobs to clean up messes like you are describing.

    wolfgang by the way the versions of SQL Server you were pushing are not in fact included in that Gartner example.

    There is a different studies for embedded databases. there are different studies around that argue with Gartner numbers.

  19. wolfgang says:


    not so, I think. path to success is from bottom left to top right corner of magic grid and you can see who is out in front and who is chasing the rabbit. anyway, not big whoop to me. postgres not free according to write-ups, too. cost less than evil Ellison oracle, but still arm and leg. article says postgres not have feet on street to sell so much, too, which is all I said about not hear anything. company say they doing fine, but they not neutral speaker.

  20. wolfgang wrote, “it says oracle the boss and postgres back in the crowd.”

    That’s a misinterpretation. EnterpriseDB which uses PostgreSQL is listed as a “challenger” and in a different quadrant from “the pack” in “ability to execute”. They do call EnterpriseDB a niche player but they don’t define the niche. EnterpriseDB is all over the place in databasery. Anyone can use it. What kind of niche is ubiquity? The do list some “negatives”:

    • Open-source dilemma — EnterpriseDB must conform to community-led release cycles for its community editions as they go through the open-source process. This can slow the process of enhancements to the base open-source product, but not the enterprise edition.
    • Market exposure — EnterpriseDB lacks breadth in sales and marketing, reducing its ability to get its message to potential customers. Gartner inquiries find that few clients are familiar with EnterpriseDB.
    • Tools and automation — References described a number of issues, such as a lack of local language support, automated failover and the lack of robust tools for managing the DBMS environment.

    Huh? Most people find FLOSS release-cycles too damned fast… Postgresql is making releases every few weeks. So, PostgreSQL does have fewer tools and salesment. There isn’t anything particularly wrong with the software. TFA: “more than sufficient to run both mission-critical and non-mission-critical applications.” Anyone can use it and expect great performance. Getting 80% of the performance for none of the cost is pretty damned good price/performance.

    From their FAQ:
    “Our wide distribution through the open source world and liberal licensing make that a difficult question to answer with any accuracy. 451Research estimates that around 30% of tech companies use PostgreSQL for core applications as of 2012, and around 11% of Debian users worldwide install PostgreSQL. A previous version, 8.0, had an estimated one million downloads within a seven months of release. However, most users get PostgreSQL with a Linux distribution, or with some of the many other products, OSS software, and hardware devices that include PostgreSQL. SDMagazine in a survey in summer 2004 estimated us as the 5th most popular SQL database system in the US for new projects, we are the most popular database download on Freshmeat, and many people have called us the most popular major database system in Japan. We have approximately 35,000 people on our community mailing lists, but of course many users do not subscribe to a list.”


    “Our feature set is generally considered to be very competitive with other leading SQL RDBMSes. Certainly there are features some of them have which we don’t, and the reverse is also true. To date, only a few benchmarks have been published showing PostgreSQL to be within 10-30% of proprietary competitors. However, we have had many users migrate from other database systems – primarily Oracle and Informix – and they are completely satisfied with the performance of their PostgreSQL systems.”

  21. wolfgang says:

    …crippled trash…

    I think you are only pretending to be expert an user but so what? express and compact all that I need for my little programs. I bet that is lot more than you need ever.

    for grins I look up google for database noise and find pretty complete study by gartner. it says oracle the boss and postgres back in the crowd.

  22. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang enterprise db is a orcale db drop in. Postgresql is very extendible. Lot of places are using postgresql because it has a very stable extend system. So you have a odd task no other SQL server can do. Then postgresql comes into its own.

    Problem here companies making money include facebook and others using MariaDB or Mysql.

    Issue here MariaDB, Mysql are techically classed as real database engines. Not crippled trash as you started pushing wolfgang.

    If you have money to pay instead of SQL Server CE you would buy Berkeley DB from oracle or release your program open source that is free todo. Yes BerkeleyDB is 100 percent free if you don’t want closed source and less limited than SQL Server CE.

    This is the problem none of Microsoft entry level databases are any more than prototyping to pay for SQL Server. Simple things that are missing from SQL Server result in horible to maintain SQL code. Like the Limit features on queries you find in mysql, postgresql, orcale db, Berkeley db that don’t exist in any SQL Server.

    Yes wolfgang Orcale has 3 major database products. Mysql, Berkeley DB and Oracle DB. And if you are planing to up grade to Oracle DB at some point you will be using Oracle maintained or related tools. Yes related include Mariadb.

    Yes Berkeley DB is Orcale’s embedded product. fun enough Berkeley DB include clustering.

  23. wolfgang wrote, “never been anywhere using postgres but not been everywhere.”

    One place I know it is used is “la Presse” newspaper in Quebec. They used PostgreSQL for their snapshot of the firearms registry in Canada. The fact is it is quite useful just about anywhere. The fact that Oracle was there first and has lock-in is no commentary at all on the usefulness of it and it certainly performs well at low cost.

  24. wolfgang says:


    maybe replace with . That press release from people wanting to get rich helping you getting it to work right. you one call it crapware, I merely say rare as hens teeth. never been anywhere using postgres but not been everywhere.

  25. wolfgang wrote, “Postgres not so common anywhere, I think”

    Certainly none of these businesses in EnterpriseDB’s list of customers would use crapware like PostgreSQL. These guys are just whistling in the wind and will go out of business soon. (EXTREME SARCASM)

  26. wolfgang says:

    …mission critical stuff…

    maybe like STP used in indy race. driver pour a few drops on floor mat to say used in race and collect sponsor check. Postgres not so common anywhere, I think. if a company could save a few millions using instead of Oracle maybe they try, but it take a lot of convincing to even get to test stage. what do experts say? who are experts? not much noise about postgres, I hear.

  27. wolfgang wrote, ” businesses that make money use real database engines like Oracle or SQL Server enterprise.”

    MySQL and MariaDB are better than those for rapid prototyping of things like websites. If you want/need a better DB there is PostgreSQL. There are some huge organizations that use it for mission-critical stuff. e.g.

    • City of Garden Grove, California
    • National Physical Laboratory of India
    • The National Weather Service
    • Registre Francais des Emissions Polluantes
    • United Nations Children’s Fund
    • United Nations Industrial Development Organisation
    • U.S. Agency for International Development
    • U.S. Centers For Disease Control and Prevention
    • U.S. Department of Labor
    • U.S. General Services Administration
    • U.S. State Department

    BASF’s Agricultural Products Division is a user of PostgreSQL and they make $billions.

  28. wolfgang says:

    …normal schmoe use Express or CE…

    and you some sort of super-dupe? laugh out loud. businesses that make money use real database engines like Oracle or SQL Server enterprise. they not worrying about paying, they making tons of money and only want to not rock boat. for fun guys like to play and use Linux if they masochists or express stuff from windows if mostly like to fiddle. all free anyway whether open source or Microsoft for fiddle.
    you just mad as wet cat that Microsoft makes so much money. why do you care? you second fiddle like everyone else.

  29. oiaohm says:

    “SQL server compact or engine” really highly limited use.

    The missing features of SQL server compact come problems very quickly.

    The SQL server express editions also have problems very quickly.

    Yes an normal schmo might use Express and compact at first until they get burnt. There are way better database options out there.

  30. modular sunfish says:

    Oracle’s handling of Solaris and its SPARC hardware can be added to the list. They handled Solaris so badly that the developers split off from the project and forked it to form Illumos. SPARC, while a good for their server activities, has been ignored and allowed to languish.

    Then there is ZFS, which Oracle seems to have taken closed source. OpenZFS is the FOSS fork of that. Actually it is multiple forks.

    So that’s three more ways that Oracle hurts the FOSS community. I think Mark is wrong in his statement and may be trying to make some other point instead.

  31. Mats Hagglund says:

    Larry Ellison is the man who hates the idea of free lunch. Instead he want to tax everybody if possible.

  32. wolfgang says:


    is the realm of evil larry ellison. larry is easy to see as mean man, not smiling geek like gates.

    if you are so thrilled with $25 phone and cheap junker tablet, why care about database software anyway? I like the SQL server compact or engine. use for free for anything that ordinary schmo want to do and free tools too.

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