The Big And Little Guys

Larry Dignan is peeved with the powers that be in smartphones. “we’ve hit a plateau in smartphone innovation and we can’t count on two dominant hardware makers—Apple and Samsung—and two platforms—iOS and Android—to do everything. My patience for evolution over revolution is going to wear thin in the not-to-distant future. You can only spin Samsung’s penchant for the same Galaxy smartphone plastic design positive for so long.” He has a point. Once the big guys have succeeded they are fearful of losing customers by making changes. His advice is to shop around to see what the hungrier little guys are offering.
The big guys may need to buy a few little guys to diversify if they can’t innovate in their current bunkers. We all need to shop around and demand more features, greater reliability, and ease of use. How hard can that be on 8-core smartphones? Further, the big guys can afford to lose a little money trying out new ideas even in the dirt-cheap “entry-level” smartphones, like solar power and kinetic power generation and lower prices… How about recyclable smartphones? It’s hard to update them forever. How about swapping new phones for old? Heck, why not give them away for the ad-revenue/subscriptions they bring in? Innovate, damn it and stop suing/copying each other!

See Samsung Galaxy S5: Why I'm rooting for the little guys.

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